Are you too connected?

We live in an age of technology. Computers have gone from these massive pieces of equipment that take up an entire room to small squares that if in our pockets. All in a matter of forty years. Think about that. In just four decades we’ve progressed more technologically then the world did in centuries.

With this technology has come the creation of social media. The platform you are reading this on is a form of social media. This ability to connect instantly is amazing.

And not so amazing.

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My Biggest Scare

So I’m about to get very personal with all of you for a moment. I’m sure my typical readers have noticed that a my posts have taken a bit of a turn these past few months. I’ve been trying to be more positive and keeping things merrier.

Don’t let the facade fool you. While I have been more positive, I’ve been far from merry all these months.

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