What Did I Do?

Oh man guys! I did something I haven’t done in 10+ years.

I can’t wait to get it on Monday.

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The Crucial Encounters

I’ve been in the customer service business for…well my entire working life. That’s almost 18 years of smiling and helping folks out in various places from restaurants to my current position of semi-boss lady at a great place with a promising future.

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Sarris is REOPENING IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!

If you’re not from southwestern Pa or have been living under a rock, a few weeks ago Sarris Candies Company burned.

It was a chocolatey wonderland! Err…mess.

Melted Sarris chocolate everywhere. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me and my spoon in to help with clean up. Something about the chocolate being contaminated with debris or some shit. I didn’t care. I wanted chocolate.

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