Because “Someone Did Something”

So I don’t if anyone had been able to tell yet, the housewife has a new website. I’m still going to be posting here. Just not as much.

A fun fact you probably didn’t know about me until now, I’m a very patriotic person. I believe in our freedoms and I’m VERY pro 2A. Every American, except those who are convicted felons, should exercise their right to bear arms.

That being said, this new website is something the hubs (who is even more patriotic than I am. He risked his life for this country, I simply married a Marine and gave him sons.) and I are passionate about and plan on turning into a full fledged business.

So, unfortunately, that will pull me away from other writings. Don’t be sad. If you’re off the patriotic mindset, head on over to Offensively Patriotic and feel the red, white and blue.


via Because “Someone Did Something”