The Struggle is Real

From Fat Mom to Trim Mom

I’ve been struggling for the past week.

Not a little struggle either, I mean big time.

The way I’m feeling is familiar. It’s a feeling of occupying my every thought. Something I’m obsessing over rather than the gym. It’s keeping me from doing my best and staying on track.

We all get like this. At least I think so.

We all do get distracted. Something pulls us away from this or that. Whether mean to let it or not, we do get preoccupied.

What we should do isn’t what I’ve been doing. Saying f the gym and eating everything in front of me. It’s been wrecking havoc on my body.

Don’t do that. Don’t be like me in high stress situations.

This is a time in anyone’s life where you can test your will and resolve. Prove to yourself that nothing will keep you from your goal.

For a week…

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