Brews in the Park

I finally had a weekend off!! Shocking, I know. Of course we took full advantage of that.

I drank lots of beers!

Stratwood Catering hosted Brews in the Park at Kennywood. What is that? Lots of beer at an amusement park.

It was as much fun as it sounds.

Seriously. We got there at 2. You had the option to ride rides for a few hours before hand, we walked around scooping out the beer tables and all the booths. There was so much beer. Lots of good, lots of not so good. I don’t like IPA’s. I HATE the hoppy taste. Way too bitter. Husband and father-in-law? LOVE them. Mother-in-law and I? Ehh, not so much.

So we walked about, we chatted, we tried all (well almost all) of the beers for 4 hours. (No the children were not with us. They got to hang out with their other pappy and do some Dave and Busters fun) Yesterday was probably one of the most fun times we’ve had in a while. At least since vacation last month.

What about the beer though? Who cares about the good times and the laughs. WHAT ABOUT THE BEER?

I’ll give you the ladies picks.

The top for us was the…..dun, dun, dun

Samuel Smith’s Organic Apricot Ale. Now, don’t go omg GROSS! Yeah, that’s what I thought at first too. I like apricot, but not so much. This stuff was wow. Amazing. Delicious. The best stuff there!


Looks lovely doesn’t it?

Samuel Smith Old Brewery is located in England. It’s a fruity beer with an ABV of 5.10% (Not very high) But high enough.

Samuel Smith Apricot Ale

The next was this delicious caramel apple chocolate tasting thing by Gumption Hard Ciders called Chocco Lottie. Have you ever been in the candy shop at the end of your Kennywood trip? That delicious aroma of fudge and caramel apples? That’s what this cider TASTES like!!!!! I had to go back for seconds….and thirds….okay and a fourth tasting.

Let’s discuss Small Town Brewery for a second. They had TWO of my other favorites. I’ve never had a beer that was able to copy my favorite sodas so closely. THEY COPIED ROOT BEER AND MOUNTAIN DEW!!!! Now, not only were there beer tables but also other booths. Our local WDVE was set up right next door and ohhhh boy were they super smart!!!! They had vanilla ice cream. Yeah, I made a Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float!!! IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!! It was nice and refreshing since it was damn near 90 degrees.

They also have Not Your Father’s Mountain Ale. The husband loved that. I loved that. I went back for seconds for that one too.

mountain ale

Isn’t that amazing looking?? It sure tastes amazing.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer has an ABV of 5.9%

Mountain Ale has an ABV of 5.0%

Small Town Brewery

By the Racers was this other booth with Wyndridge brewing. I DID NOT try the IPA. I had tried a few by this point, and nope, could not do anymore. So I tried the mojito cider. It was refreshing. Very refreshing. It would make a great after dinner drink.

It’s available from August until October and has an ABV of 6%.


Then there was a chocolate milk one. A chocolate milk stout. I don’t like stouts. I do love chocolate milk. Of course I tried it. Different. That’s the best way I can describe it. Different. But a good different. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It’s available year round and has an ABV of 6.8%. (wow….not bad for chocolate milk)

Chocolate Milk BEER

One that was popular, another I enjoyed, was Cidergeist, Bubbles Rose Ale. How can I describe this stuff…oh yeah, rose wine! Seriously, it reminds me or a good blush. Fruity. Yummy. Strong.

The ABV is 6.2% for this one. (Not bad wine beer)

First thing they tell you about the beer? It’s not gluten-free. Don’t care. It’d delicious.

Wine beer

Those were my favorites.

The park was also getting ready for Phantom Fright Nights. It’s pretty cool looking right now.

Farewell, Log Jammer.

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