Date Night in Pittsburgh

I’ve got something a little different for everyone tonight. I’ve got a guest blogger with me today.  Alan from Pittsburgh Limousine Bus will tell you all about great date nights around the city.

Pittsburgh Date Night

Date night is something that deserved to be cherished and given special time, but often times this is not how it works out. It’s all too easy for plans, responsibilities, and work to get in the way of your designated romantic time, but we hope to make it a bit easier with some date night suggestions within the city of Pittsburgh. With these local options for inspiration, you’ll find it easier to organize an unforgettable date night.

Drinks at Il Tetto

This rooftop bar that overlooks Penn Avenue has an intimate, romantic feel that makes it the perfect backdrop for a date in Pittsburgh. The twinkle fairly lights give it a dreamy atmosphere and there are around 30 different beers and cocktails to choose from.

Carnegie Science Center

The Science Center is known for hosting 21 and over events that are engaging, interactive, and memorable. Admission is only $12 in advance and there are cash bars and snack areas located through the building. There are activities such as axe throwing, a live game show, retro video games, casino games, and even a giant beer pong structure! There’s a different theme each month, so be sure to check out their website.

Copper Kettle Brewing Company

This is a unique option because it’s actually a beer school where you’re able to make your own brew! This is an especially great bonding experience for a couple who loves beer. They’re very well organized and educated here with a ton of different recipes to choose from, you walk out the doors feeling as though you really understand the process better. After it ferments for two weeks, you come back to bottle and take it home.

Reserving professional transportation is a great way to elevate your date night. With the addition of transportation like a Car Service in Pittsburgh, all of the minor inconveniences of the night are totally taken care of. This makes it easier to reflect on the nature of your night and enjoy it as it should be enjoyed! With a chauffeur in charge of designated driving, dealing traffic and parking, you have less to worry about and more to focus on.

You might be asking yourself, why not just order an Uber or Lyft for the experience? Professional transportation goes above and beyond a ride share or taxi experience. Not only do the vehicles have more features to enjoy, but the experience is much more professional, and this gives an elegant air to your date night. You’ll be so glad that you took this step to prepare for your Pittsburgh date night!


Pittsburgh Limousine Bus


Pittsburgh Limousine Bus

232 Taylor Street #2

Pittsburgh, PA 15224

(412) 385-4412



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