And so life goes on

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted.

A lot has been going on since August.

The boys have started a new year in a new school. We couldn’t be happier now that they’re in a better district. They’re learning, they’re growing, they’re not babies anymore. They’re my big boys.

We’ve been in the new house for 3-4 months now. I love it more and more everyday. We have so many plans for our humble abode. Turning it from a house into our home. Discussing what colors to paint the rooms, how to arrange the game room, arguing about whether we want a pool table or a foosball table. Spending time playing games together.

On a health note the migraines are back and worse than ever. It’s rough. But I’m working with the neurologist to get my meds right. I’m hoping that it’s only a matter of getting the right dosage.

Since my last post I had another book released. It’s a special book. I’ve also¬†finished another manuscript and began two more. I’m always busy. Always writing.

One of the manuscripts is particularly awesome and special. It’s a love story. It’s my love story. Well ours. Greg and mine. It’s romantic, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you happy. It’s not finished. I’ve only been working on it for a few weeks. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to start on this one. I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time. It makes sense to write. I love writing about love. The story we share is remarkable. He’s remarkable. Despite everything that happens we remain a strong pair. He’s my soul mate. Why¬†wouldn’t I write our love story?

So you’re caught up with me. What’s been going on.

And now back to writing.


One thought on “And so life goes on

  1. I know what moving into a new house is like. We did it five years ago. You probably have a list of “to do” items the size of Texas. That was five years ago. The list is still a long one.

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