Guess who’s not MIA

I’m not missing.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything. It’s been a busy month for me. I had to finish up my first round edits for Cutlass Anne. (Did you all see the teaser for the cover?) I’ve chatted back and forth with both publishers for two different books. NaNoWriMo started last week and I’m REALLY behind on that.

Pretty much authoring has had the Housewife really busy.

I’ve been in the new position at the ED for a bit over a month now. I LOVE it! It’s awesome. It’s so new. It’s so different. I miss 6D. I don’t really miss the unit as I miss some people. I miss the friends I’ve made. I miss the conversations. The commandery. I don’t have that in the ED yet. Have you ever been surrounded by people yet felt so alone? That’s how it is down there right now. I feel secluded. Granted I’m not there to make friends, but I miss those I have on 6.

I’ve started the overnight shift. Let me tell you…wow. Being in a hospital after midnight, it’s like an entirely different world. Especially in the ED. I’m not sure how I manage to stay awake all night. I have no f*cking idea what day it is. I had no idea what day it was all night. It was so weird coming home this morning while everyone was going to work. In my head it was 4 pm. Until I looked at my S3 and I saw that it was 8 am. While my day was ending the rest of the world’s was just starting. It’s only 3:42 now and my body is just so confused. It has no idea what to do. Does it sleep? Stay awake? Nap? I’m actually off work tonight so I could sleep at a normal time, like a normal person, but honestly that would throw off my whole sleep pattern. I don’t know how full-time overnighters do it. I’m seriously dragging ass now.

I want to write. I really should get some editing done on other projects I have sitting around, or my NaNo project. I could work on that. But honestly I don’t think my brain can handle it. It’s just off in LaLa land. It’s gone.

Well, that’s why I’ve been so flaky the past month. I haven’t abandoned all of you. I’ve just been busy. For once. Work, writing, and more writing. Fun stuff you know.

Keep an eye out in Feb 2014 for Cutlass Anne and sometime in 2014 for War of the Gods!


2 thoughts on “Guess who’s not MIA

    • I’m so out of whack. It’s crazy leaving in the morning. I feel like it’s the afternoon and everyone is on their way home…but no. It’s morning. Everyone else is going to work.

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