Homework with 5-year-olds

The boys have homework now.

Homework time is like getting a route canal around here.

At least with Eli.

Brett is pretty good with doing his homework. So far. He enjoys it. He likes making everyone happy and it’s easy! So far. He’s only in kindergarten. it gets harder. Wait till those sneaky bastards throw letters in with math. That’s when he loses me as his helper and dad comes in. I’ll have to peace out at that time. Once the alphabet meets numbers…mmmm….no. I’m out.

Anyway the boys are working on their alphabet and how to write it. Super hard. We’re working on M and words that start with M.

Eli doesn’t like the letter M. Apparently the letter M is stupid and he doesn’t need to know how to make it or know any words, at all, that start with M. That’s very disappointing for his grandma Margie.

Eli: No. I no do M!

Me: Yes, Eli. Yes, you will do M!

Eli: M is dumb.

Me: M is not dumb. DO. THE. M!

Eli: Throws his pencil: NO!

Me: DO THE M! It’s just an M! I’m not asking you to draft up a constitution for freaking Syria! Just write an M!

Eli O_0

Me: Just write momma an M.

Eli: No.

Me: Yes!

Eli: Bursts into tears:

Me: What is your problem?

Eli: Tt and M looking at me!

Me: Brett don’t look at your brother. Eli inanimate objects¬†cannot stare at you.

Eli: Yeah.

Me: No. Now write the M!

Eli: NO!

Me: It’s ONE M! One M and you’re done!

Eli: No!

Me: Oh for crying out loud write the M before I pull out my hair!

Eli: Fine!

He wrote the M.

I won.

I won against my 5-year-old.

There should have been some sort of parade. I never win. i never get my way. Never. I want a parade. Moms out there, THERE IS HOPE! We can win the homework battle! Even if it is one M!

I’m so glad it’s 10:30. They’ve been in bed for an entire hour already. It’s been an hour of glorious peace and quiet.

Sleep tight momma’s and poppa’s out there. Dream of winning that homework battle tomorrow!


One thought on “Homework with 5-year-olds

  1. That sounds like when my kids were little. Wait until their homework surpasses everything you learned in high school. That will be when they are in about 5th grade nowadays.

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