A new chapter in life for the next generation

So last year my twin brothers graduated high school.

This year my twin sons started kindergarten.

As one generation of life goes off to start college, the next starts their first years of schooling.

the twins and twins

The big twins with the little twins.

Boys first day - 1

They have to wear uniforms to this school. Hopefully when we move they’ll be able to wear whatever they want, but they are absolutely adorable in little khakis.

boys first day -2

They were so excited to run off for their first day of school. I was almost left behind!

Eli first day - gym 1

Eli was lined up with his class ready to go learn. He was one of three kids who had a Mario backpack…and lunchbox. My boy.

Brett first day gym 1

Brett walked rather well with his Sonic backpack and lunch box and class to the room. He’s been such a good boy!

brett 2nd day

Brett was still excited on his 2nd day! Look how red that hair is!

eli 2nd day

Eli…wasn’t as thrilled, but he’s still so cute!

boys 2nd day

So my babies are growing up. They’re in kindergarten now. They’re not home with me all day anymore. I’m not sure how I feel about all of this. I’ve had a week to adjust and it still feels so weird. My boys are in school.

baby brett and eli

It still amazes me that the big guys from up above were once these itty, bitty bugs. That the little babies who were so small preemie clothes swallowed them whole are now growing so fast we have to buy them new clothes every 2-3 months.

Their lives are just starting. Their such brilliant and wonderful little boys and I know they’re going to do great no matter what.

For now though…I’ll enjoy holding their hand to the front door and watching as they lot go of mine and grab onto each others, scurrying to the gym to meet their teachers, and head off to their own classrooms. (Yes…they were split up this year.)

My boys aren’t babies anymore. My boys…are boys now.


5 thoughts on “A new chapter in life for the next generation

  1. Children always grow up too fast. I remember the night my son was born. I remember holding him for the first time. I remember his first day of school. I remember all this like it was yesterday. He is now 40 years old. Where did the years go?

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