I’m ready for some hockey.

It’s almost the end of August. I haven’t seen any hockey in…two months? Has it been that long?

Last season was short thanks to that horrible lockout. Fortunately the Pens were in the playoffs. Didn’t make it to the finals. Oh that last series was brutal. Swept by the Bruins? Oh God. That was painful. I almost couldn’t watch. My heart was broken into a million tiny pieces as I watched the Pens skate off the ice…defeated. So close!

So off of that…it’s been two months. The Pens first game isn’t until October 3 so we still have over a month until our season starts and it’s a HOME game! Can we all hold out that long? Can we wait until October 3 at 7 pm to watch our boys take the ice against the New Jersey Devils? 

My boys are 5-years-old now. They start school in a week. A WEEK! (That’s another blog post for another day!) So this may be the year they go to their first hockey game. They watch with us all the time. They’ve never been to one. Not yet. They started asking us last year if they could go. Could this year be the year they get to have that first time experience? 

I didn’t go to my first game until I was dating the man. I was in my twenties. I wasn’t really into hockey until I started dating him either. I wasn’t a sports nut until we got together. He converted me. He’s why I’m obsessed now. We enjoy a game or two a year. It’s a blast. We always have fun. Eating, drinking, being loud, screaming…doing what sports fans do. My boys love eating food. They’re loud. They could fit in quite well actually. 

This could be the year the boys experience their first real hockey game.

I’m ready for hockey to start.

God this next month and half is going to go by too freaking slow! Who else is excited????


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