How I’m holding up with the Topamax

I’ve been on this stuff for a week and a half so far.

How am I really doing?

I’ve lost 7 lbs this past week. 7 lbs! My headaches are diminishing. Not gone completely but down. I haven’t touched soda or had any caffeine. I’ve been in a better mood. I’ve been happier.

However, I have had the foggy brain. It hasn’t been terrible but it’s there.

I read so many horror stories about this stuff online that I was terrified about starting it. I know I’m only a week and a half in but if it keeps going like this I’m all for it. Perhaps I’m one of the lucky ones. I hope for once in my life I’m one of the lucky ones.

That’s all for an update I have for now. I know it’s not amazing. It’s not spectacular. But it’s an improvement. My migraines are improving. I’ve lost weight. Soda finally tastes like shit. I’m in a better mood 98% of the time.

I’m not up to my full dosage yet either. I’m only at 30 mg. I’ll level off at 100 mg and go from there. If the migraines don’t stop I keep going up. The max is 1000 mg but Dr. Kaniecki says he’s never prescribed that much before. I don’t want to be that one patient who gets to that much. I’d be happy at 100 mg…maybe 200 mg. I’m happy at low doses of meds.

So fingers crossed this does it folks! Maybe this is the pill to cure my migraines! I hope…


3 thoughts on “How I’m holding up with the Topamax

  1. Thanks for posting this. I started on 8/1. Still at a low dose.Headaches still present but I can function through them on most days. I have also lost weight. I’m not hungry at all. Brain fog went away within 2 weeks and I’m more focused now. I’ve read horrible side effects. The only negative I have are tingles in my left palm-they are on and off but it is my dominant hand. Hopefully it goes away. I hope you continue to update with your progress.

  2. I really hope this works for you. Getting rid of the headaches would be great, and the weight loss is an added benefit.

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