Fun times at the zoo!

Today the boys and I went to the zoo with my dad and brothers. I love the zoo. the twins and twins my brothers and my boys! The twins and the twins!

brett and eli My boys enjoying the elephants.

me and jtMe and my baby brother JT.

I wanted to see what other people were saying about the zoo so I Googled the zoo and blogs. Want to know what I found? Nothing but shit about the mauling. So nobody who has visited since blogs? It’s a shame. So I’m going to tell you about our day…how much fun we had. How we visited the exhibits. And followed the rules! So we had an enjoyable and happy experience…just as we have every. Single. Time. We have ever gone.

We had fun. It was exciting. My boys had a blast.

The stared at the tigers. Ran to the rhino. Laughed at the funny flamingos. Oohed over the elephants and giraffes. Went bananas over the monkeys.

I love spending time with my family. I don’t see my dad too much. He works a lot. I work every weekend. So when we get a chance to do something it’s always fun. And the boys love seeing their pappy. And I do love seeing my brothers.

But omg…by the end was I exhausted! When did the zoo become exhausting? I don’t remember being so tired after leaving as a kid. I was ready to run through again and again! After the petting zoo I was going oh yes! Time to go! Now it’s time to go to bed! YES!

So good night!


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