My favorite wing joint!

I love when we get wings. It’s not often, but oh I love wings!

There is one place we get wings from.

It’s this place…


It’s a hole in the wall joint. Just a counter, a register, fryers, and the grill. Not big. No seating. But OH MY GOD THE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

They’re amazing. They’re delicious. They’re the best wings in Pittsburgh! We get ours from the Avalon location. Tonight we got three different types. Black and Gold, Ace Boogy , and Steel City. We weren’t disappointed in any of them. I ate so much. So, so much.

The Black and Gold is a sweet and spicy. It has a delicious gold bbq sauce and their black magic dry rub. (By far our absolute FAVORITE!)

The Ace Boogy is black magic, butter, and dry ranch. It’s amazing. Boy #1 inhaled those ones.

The Steel City is mild buffalo with ranch seasoning and parmesan cheese. It’s spicy with some saltiness and a hint of cheese. Delicious!

We’ve ordered from them for the past four years and I honestly don’t think we’ve ever had a bad experience. The customer service is always awesome; there are so many different flavor wings to choose from; and our food is hot, hot, hot when we pick up.  They have appetizers, other sandwiches besides AMAZING steak sandwiches, salads, gyros, and beverages.

You can check out the menu and locations HERE.

Seriously though, if you live in the Pittsburgh area and love wings you NEED to have Big Shot Bob’s. No question about it…have Big Shot Bob’s!

I’m going to go into a food coma now…or eat more wings. I haven’t decided yet.




I ate more wings. Now I’m going into a food coma.


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