Blah, blah, and then you see the surgeon again

I thought my problems were gone.

Let’s go back  in time by a year.

I finally had enough of my headaches and went to my PCP. PCP orders MRI. MRI shows that I have Chiari Malformation Type 1 and a 2.9 cm x 3.6 cm pineal mass. (I have no idea what kind of mass. Just a mass)

Fast forward a few weeks and I suck up my fear and go into surgery. Come out to my decompression surgery being a success. Headaches are gone and I feel FANTASTIC! Fast forward another 6 months. The headaches return with a vengeance. OMG! Visit doc, get lumbar puncture ordered. Have LP done…results are high normal but normal. Headaches disappear all is well. I figured it was all in my head. (No pun intended.) Fast forward nine months…headaches are back…then the stiff neck starts, the fatigue AND insomnia, nausea, vomiting. Contact docs annnndddd now I must have two MRI’s and another LP done.

So you’re up to date. I’m in my wait time now. I’m waiting for my testing to be done and my appointment. I’m waiting to find out what the hell is wrong with me now.

It’s frustrating, and I hate feeling like this.

I’m not sure what to expect from the tests or the appointment. I don’t know if it’s the Chiari. Maybe a leak. Hydrocephalus? The pineal mass growing? Maybe it’s not just a mass…what if it’s a tumor? What if I have freaking brain cancer? I like being the first in my family to do things…this though…not so much.

I could be completely blowing everything out of proportion as well. Maybe it’s all nothing. Maybe it’s just headaches. Maybe I ate something bad…2 weeks ago. And maybe it is something.

So now everyone gets to wait and see with me. I hope that Dr. Friedlander gives me good news.


6 thoughts on “Blah, blah, and then you see the surgeon again

  1. I am woefully behind on my blog reading (what else is new?) but you’ve been on my mind (no pun intended, really) recently so I thought I’d check in tonight to catch up on your posts. So, so sorry to hear the headaches are back. I can only imagine how frustrating this is. Hope you get some answers (that don’t involve more surgery) real soon.

    • I’m anxious to get the tests done and find out what’s going on upstairs. I’m also hoping for no surgery, but I have this sinking feeling that’s what it’s going to lead to.

      Thanks for checking in!

  2. Hi my Pittsburgh friend!! Oh my! I am soooooooo sorry to hear your medical issues have returned and please know you are always in my prayers. I’ll be waiting to celebrate your good news!!

    I’m never far and always celebrating in your writing successes. I’ve been dealing with my own medical crap and having surgery on my neck again in a couple weeks. So don’t think I’m not around … just hanging!!


    • Long time no hear! How are you??

      Thank you for the prayers. Right now I need them. I hate the waiting. It’s such a frustrating thing to deal with. Medical problems suck.

  3. I sure hope you feel better soon. It’s no fun going through life with severe headaches. I was that way for a while myself as a child. Turned out I was allergic to chocolate. I instantly got better.

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