Suing the zoo

So I’m sure everyone remembers the tragedy last year at the zoo.

You know when the mom held her toddler up on a fence and he fell in and was mauled to death.

Well this awesome family is really doing something absolutely ridiculous.

They are suing the zoo. They are claiming it’s the zoo’s fault the mother was irresponsible. Oh wait…I’m sorry…the wording is that the zoo had ample warning people held their children up to the fence.

Okay…so if your friend jumps off a bridge do you do it as well?

There are signs and barriers for a reason people. To keep you out of the enclosures!

I am in utter shock at the gall of this family. Yes their son died; however, it was 100% the MOTHER’S fault. Not the zoo’s.

What do these people want? The zoo shut down? To cash in on their son’s death? To have an employee walk around holding everyone’s hand saying no-no that’s dangerous?

I am loosing hope for humanity. What happened to taking responsibility for your own actions? When did what you do wrong become someone else’s problem?

I read an article a few weeks ago where a mother climbed over a barrier with her toddler, the toddler was mauled by a bobcat (survived), and that mother was arrested. This mother holds her child up, he falls and is mauled to death, and they SUE the ZOO??? Does anyone else find that completely ridiculous? In the over 100 years that the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium has been in existence this is the ONLY instance of someone being dumb enough to drop their child into an enclosure with wild animals. You have to think if hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people manage to walk through those gates and not die…it’s not the zoo.

I’ve gone to the zoo hundreds of times in my almost 28 years of life, dozens of times with my almost 5-year-old twins…wanna know something? We’re all alive. Wanna know why? We follow the rules. I don’t hold my children up on barriers for a better look. I know how to tell my child no when it would mean them possibly dying.

I’m by no means a perfect mother. We all make mistakes. The difference between the mistakes the average parent make and what this woman did is that our mistakes have not resulted in our children dying. Use your brain, folks! If it’s in the least bit dangerous…learn to tell your kid no. Then you won’t have to sue our f*cking zoo. Jagoffs.

Read the story HERE


12 thoughts on “Suing the zoo

  1. What has me scratching my head is that they are suing for $300,000. In the grand scheme of things, that is not very much. Why even bother? By the time their ambulance chaser deducts his 40%, it doesn’t seem like it will be worth it. Can you imagine what the lawyer for the zoo is going to do to that mother when he gets her on the stand? To my way of thinking, no amount of money would be worth reliving that terrible time.

  2. This is absolutely shameful but will not be successful. The Zoo filed charges against the woman after the incident to basically protect themselves from this kind of lawsuit but the DA did not want to pursue them.
    Their basic defense is the zoo did not make the exhibit safe enough and other parents lifted their kids on the railing during the day. So basically because other parents disobeyed the rules the zoo should have forseen that this child would have been dropped and fell into the pit.

    • It’s awful that they can do this. There are signs and fences to prevent things like that from happening. I don’t understand how they can even think that the zoo is at fault for the woman’s irresponsibility and stupidity. It’s despicable that this is even going to court.

  3. Heather, you are absolutely correct in that it is not the fault of the zoo. All these people want is to cash in on their son’s death and live in style the rest of their lives after she did something that she should have been jailed for. I too have been to the zoo many times and never had a problem because like you I follow the rules.

    • It’s awful to think that someone would do it for the cash. It’s horrible to think that they would use their sons death in such a way. I hope that’s not the case…but why else sue? I can’t help but wonder if it’s too late for the police to charge this woman. It’s a shame they didn’t when it first happened.

  4. Well said Madam! Well said. People disgust me nowadays. I’m losin all hope for humanity. If more people would take and/or be held accountable for their actions, the world wouldn’t be in the state it’s in.

    • Precisely, Jeremy. Nobody wants to be held accountable. They want to make others look like the bad guy. I still think the woman should have been charged with neglect or involuntary manslaughter. She didn’t mean for it to happen…but in the end she caused the death of her child.

      I really hope the zoo counter sues her.

  5. I just read the PG article too. TOTALLY ridiculous that the family feels it is the zoo’s fault. It’s getting to the point that these types of places are going to have to require their guests to a Common Sense test before selling them a ticket!

    • That or you’re going to have to sign waivers just to see a damned dolphin. It’s people like this family that tend to ruin everything for everyone. They make a mistake and instead of accepting the fact it was their fault they’ll blame the closest person or organization.

  6. I’m not surprised, sorry to say. But I bet there’s a lawyer behind it, someone who figures they can get a zillion dollars out of the zoo and he’ll take a sweet share of it all.

    I doubt anyone will take it seriously, including the courts. It was totally the mother’s fault and while it’s an awful loss you can’t find a lawsuit over this.


    • I really hope it’s dismissed.

      It is tragic the boy lost his life…but if it wasn’t for his mother it would never have happened. It’s not the zoo’s fault she chose to ignore the signs and fences. Whoever the lawyer is the ultimate in scum.

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