Is your favorite watering hole being padlocked?

So Allegheny county has drink taxes. Every bar has to pay this tax.

Some have not been.

The Drink tax revenue is used to fund the county’s annual subsidy of Port Authority public transit.

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I’m going to have say that is not working. PAT sucks! It really does. I can’t tell you how many rude drivers I’ve met. How many fights I’ve seen on the buses where the driver does nothing. How many times we’ve almost had our car hit because of bus drivers not giving a shit. Or how many times I’ve seen buses speeding up and down our residential street. (Kids play here…I don’t let mine out front anymore. I CAN’T WAIT TO MOVE!)


So back to the drink tax. Some people were pissed because that meant drink prices were going up. It sucks, but it is what it is. You can’t just not pay your taxes. That’s only a little against the law. And as some bars/restaurants are finding out today….that means you’re out of business.


HERE is a full list of padlocked businesses. If you own a bar or restaurant and you DON’T want to be padlocked…keep on paying your taxes!!! Otherwise…it was nice seeing you around.


2 thoughts on “Is your favorite watering hole being padlocked?

  1. Move to Somerset. Low crime rate. Clean air. No drug problems in schools. And you actually get to know your neighbors.

    • If it wasn’t so far from work I’d love to! We’re looking in the Monroeville area and a few others that are close to work. With gas prices we just can’t move far from Oakland and Shadyside.

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