Kidnapped for 10 years and an insensitive 911 dispatcher

I’m sure everyone has heard about the three women and 1 child that were found in that nutjob’s house in Clevland, Ohio.

Amanda Berry, her six-year-old daughter, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight were rescued from Ariel Castro’s home. The three women had been held there against their will for TEN YEARS! TEN!

Well Amanda managed to get free. She climbed through a hole made in a door an into the arms of neighbor, Charles Ramsey.

She then called 911. Have you heard that call? How can someone be so insensitive to such a frantic woman? Even if the dispatcher thought it was a fake there was no need to try and hang up so fast and insist she just talk to somebody when they get there. When a car is made available.

The woman was terrified! Even though she was surrounded by people she probably thought Ariel Castro or one of his brothers would return and force her into the house. I wouldn’t have been as nice as her. I can think of some choice 4 letter words for them. I would have been panicked. I would have been screaming. I would have begged and pleaded with my last breath to get a police car there immediately.

I really hope that the county reviews the tape and seriously thinks about dismissing that particular dispatcher…or putting them all through some serious sensitivity training.

They’re a bunch of jagoffs.

Listen to the 911 CALL HERE


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