A & F says no to fat chicks!

So I saw an article posted on my Facebook wall. Someone doesn’t like fat chicks!

So of course I read it.

I will no longer shop at Abercrombie and Fitch.

The CEO, Mike Jeffries, doesn’t want uncool, fat women wearing his companies clothing. He only wants hot, skinny women wearing it so more skinny, hot women wear it.

I have never been so repulsed by a company or a man before in my life. Who does this man think he is? What gives him the right to determine who is hot? Or cool? Or attractive? I know plenty of women who are not a size 2 and are absolutely beautiful. They’re funny. They’re caring. And they have more style than the skinny, hot women he wants in his stores. Size does NOT decide how beautiful a person is. 

While I strive to be healthier, I am okay not being a size 6 anymore. But for this man to say that fat, old, ugly people are not worthy to wear A & F’s clothing is absolutely fucking ridiculous. 

What sort of message is this piece of shit sending to young girls and teens around the world? He’s telling them if you don’t fit into my model of a perfect woman you’re worthless. You’re less of a person because you’re a size 12. Or a size 14. You’re not cool. You suck.

Fellow women of the world…if you’re bigger than this asshat of a man’s ideal size…you’re not uncool. You are not ugly. You are beautiful. A clothing company does not determine when you’re too big. If you are happy with yourself…well THAT is what matters. If you are comfortable with who you are THAT is what matters. A sexist, masochistic pig is not the final say on what beauty is. If you’re size 0, 4, 8, 12, or 24 be happy with who you are. You only change if YOU want to change.

The story is HERE.



2 thoughts on “A & F says no to fat chicks!

  1. How fast time flies, and how quickly standards change. Everyone has heard of Marilyn Monroe. She was said to be absolutely perfect. Do you know she wore a size 16 dress? Today she wouldn’t be a movie star. Today she wouldn’t even get a TV commercial. Just remember, she was perfect.

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