5 years ago…

So about 7 years ago I found out the guy I was dating (LDR…he was a Marine) was cheating on me. The stupid SOB. Well…as it turns he was stationed with a guy I had known since I was six.

That guy is The Man (also a Marine…the sexiest Marine EVER!).

Me being the clueless, naive girl I was really had no idea that the POS I was dating was cheating on me. Not a friggin clue. Well The Man was kind enough to MySpace me (Yeah…this was back in MySpace’s heyday) to inform me of my wonderful boyfriends indiscretions. Which were a LOT. I mean I seriously don’t think the guy could keep it in his pants!

But that’s besides the point.

I break up with SOB and The Man and I rekindled our long-lost friendship. I’m not even sure if we ever made it “official”. We just became exclusive.

So fast forward two years to April 25, 2008. And you get this:

i do

Chorus of awweeesssss.

Yup we got married. So here we are. 5 years later. We have twin boys, Boy #1 and Boy #2 (they do actually have real names…even though sometimes I do refer to them as #1 and #2), an extremely fat cat, and an extremely bad dog. We’re exhausted. We’re working. We’re….settled down. Not stale…just…settled. Which is nice. I like stability.

So how are we spending our anniversary day? He’s working and I’m editing. Romantic? No?

We are celebrating this weekend. I actually requested off so we can be together! For TWO days! Exciting.

I know everyone was expecting a long romantic spiel, but as Greg knows…that’s not really me. Okay I have my romantic moments. I do love me some roses, but we’ve already started getting each other practical gifts! I won’t say what I got him in case he reads my awesome post while at work.

But I got this:

anniversary gift

A wine holding globe. Very practical. God that man knows me! It’s sitting right next to my desk. We’re filling it up with wine tomorrow. The inside can hold 3 bottles and the bottom looks as though it can hold 4 or so. I’m going to be STOCKED!

I do love him. And I know he knew I’d love the gift he got me. And I do. It’s freaking awesome.

I have a pretty awesome husband. Just sayin’.

So…Happy Anniversary to us!


4 thoughts on “5 years ago…

  1. I hope you have a really great anniversary. Just wait until you have been married for 43 years like we have. Sometimes I think we are still on our honeymoon.

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