I have Sutter fever!

That game last night.

Oh. My. God!

I wasn’t sure what to expect about that game. The Bruins have a great defense. Would our boys be able to breach them and score?


The first period was disappointing. Very disappointing.

I didn’t even pay attention to the second period besides quick glances at the score board. I made cookies instead. I have 4 dozen chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies…that I made at 21:00 last night. I was ready to drown my sorrows in wine and cookies during the third…and I did. Till the last 5 minutes.


Then Sutter…OH SUTTER!!!! I have Sutter fever.


Go read my article HERE for the entire story.


5 thoughts on “I have Sutter fever!

  1. I was at that game. That 3rd period was electric. It was the loudest and motivated i have heard the crowd at console be.

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