I’m still here…I promise

My posts have been coming far and few between lately. I know.

I’m still here…I promise.

After submitting my manuscript last week I’ve just hit this massive slump. Okay, I hit the massive slump a few weeks ago. We all hit it every once in a while, it’s my turn.

I can’t think of a damned thing to write.

I have a few WIP I’ve been trying to finish, or at least put a dent in and nothing. Not a thing. I stare at my computer screen like a mindless zombie waiting for the words or inspiration, but alas not a thing. Even now it has taken me twenty minutes to write this. Not even a full page.

So…with that being said. Yeah. I’m done for today. I can’t think of anything worthwhile posting and yada, yada, yada.


One thought on “I’m still here…I promise

  1. Everyone hits a slump now and again. When you do get back into writing again, I’m sure it will be great like your first book. I’m looking forward to reading book number 2.

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