A weekend of firsts!

Thursday was the man’s birthday. He turned 28…he’s getting old.

We did the family thing with the boys then, but last night was OUR night out.

What a night.

I took him to dinner at this Mexican restaurant on Southside called Emiliano’s.

Let me tell you about this place.

From the outside it’s nothing special. Inside….eh. Still nothing super special. We had to push our way through obnoxiously drunk people to find the bar. Then waited 10 minutes for our drinks….from a pre-mixed machine. They didn’t even bother stirring the extra ingredient in my Blue Pacific Margarita. It wasn’t a terrible margarita. Not the best. It was okay.

We waited about 30-45 minutes for a table, but on a busy Saturday that is to be expected. So we’re shown to this itty bitty table shoved between two booths. Awesome. We situate ourselves, look at the menu, and try to have a conversation over the annoyingly loud drunk girls behind us who were singing some Alma Mater song. I wanted to break off pieces of my tortilla chips and throw them at them.

Our waitress. I believe her name was Jen. She was amazing. Honestly, one of the nicest servers I’ve ever had. She was upbeat, friendly, and did not rush us. (If allowed the man and I can camp at a table. We like to sit and relax.)

Our appetizer comes out. We got the nacho supreme. It was really….meh. The homemadeish chips were phenomenal. The salsa not so homemade. It was like tomato sauce with some green leaves. I was expecting homemade salsa. I was disappointed. Our entrees. Mine was delicious. I also ordered off the “grill” Steak, shrimp, rice and the sides. It was so good. The steak was supposed to be medium-well. It was medium-rare, but I actually did not mind. Greg was extremely disappointed in his enchiladas. As he said, “It tastes like taco bell meat.”  Ouch…dog food. I didn’t taste his food. I did let him eat some of mine. He did like my steak and shrimp.

So we finish, we suck down our margaritas. Pay our bill. I’d give the place a D+ MAYBE C-. The only redeeming factor was our waitress and my second fishbowl margarita. Everything is okay after two margaritas. We probably won’t be going back unless the man wants to try something off the grill part of the menu.

It was 22:30. We had all night, and the kids had their first ever sleep over at grandma and pop-pop. So what is a 28-year-old couple to do? Obviously go home and watch Roseanne.

Yes folks, we were home and in bed by 23:00. The room was swimming in mediocre tequilla, we were laughing, and eventually fell asleep.

That’s how you do birthday’s as you push 30 right? When you work all week, have 2 kids, and just want to relax? Watch Roseanne in a partial drunken stupor?

It was fun. I enjoyed our conversation. I enjoyed parts of my meal. And I enjoyed sleeping in till 11.

The sleep over for the kids was a new thing for us. I liked it. I think we may have to do it again…


2 thoughts on “A weekend of firsts!

  1. I’m glad you had a great time with his birthday. I know there will be other special occasions to build memories on. Rule no.1 Enjoy Life.

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