What the freaking….

Okay, I have sensitive skin. Super sensitive. It’s the only thing about me that is sensitive.

I hate it. I have to watch everything that touches me otherwise….well….I turn into Violet Beauregarde.

Not fun.

The biggest culprit that gets me is laundry detergent and bubble bath. I can’t take bubble baths. At all. I’ve had ONE bubble bath my entire life…when I was a baby. Apparently that was a horrific nightmare.

The only detergent I can use it All Free and Clear. No Tide Free and Clear…no nothing else.

All Free and Clear has the option of getting it with oxy clean in it.

I’m apparently allergic to oxy clean.

Wanna know how I found out? Well let me tell you.

The man went shopping and picked it up. We thought it’d be great considering it’s All Free and Clear. No…no it is NOT the same. I woke up this morning COVERED in hives and then the swelling started. Within 12 hours I was so swollen I can’t even get my wedding bands on my giant sausage fingers. I can barely bend my fingers.

I’m now sucking down Benadryl like it’s freaking water. This is what I look like right now…



Alright, alright…more like what I feel like. Only less blue. I’m not blue yet. If I were blue, well yeah, the man would be taking me to the ED for anaphylaxis.

I’m such a miserable crab-ass, and I hate my skin. I hate my skin, my body, and my brain. I am having REALLY bad luck now when it comes to my health.

Alright, I’m done ranting about my random allergic reaction.


2 thoughts on “What the freaking….

  1. It’s awful and sucks. The worst offenders are Tide and Gain. Oh dear sweet lord the last time I got Gain I thought the man was going to have to take me to the ED. It was BAD.

    So now we just don’t risk it…normally. Oxy clean is now out of the question for my clothes and blankets. :o(

  2. I don’t have the skin problem you do, but we use unscented and undyed laundry detergents because we have no way of knowing what’s in some of the others.

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