My Kinect adventure…has not started…yet

I know…I know. I said I was starting on Thanksgiving. Well, I didn’t.

As my family , friends, and avid  readers know I’ve had some … health….issues this past year. I had brain surgery 9 months ago, which was a complete success. The MRI’s have shown that. Not a thing went wrong with the surgery. I had EXCELLENT surgeons and nurses. The neurosurgery department at UPMC really is top-notch. They’re not only terrific at their jobs, but super nice. I’m proud to work along side those men and women. I am.

Unfortunately for me though, my surgery kind of opened a flood gate for whatever is going on now. 6 months post op 98% of my symptoms came back. I started back with the CT scans, MRI’s, blood work, appointments, and nothing is showing up. The Lumbar Puncture did show that my intracranial pressure is on the very high side of normal. Dr. Friedlander put me on Diamox.

I’ve been on it for 2 weeks. I started at 500 mg/day. I’m up to 1000 mg/day. Unfortunately more often than not I have the migraines and everything else, plus the side effects from the medication.

Those side effects are what have prevented me from actually doing anything. I won’t go into the long list of what’s going on, except for two or three.

Frequent urination. Um no. It’s more like you’re going to pee like a pregnant woman carrying octuplets.

Fatigue. Yeah, EXTREME fatigue. Sleeping Beauty has NOTHING on me when I sleep now. That biatch is a light weight compared to me.

Decreased appetite. Decreased appetite? More like NO appetite. I eat MAYBE twice a day. MAYBE. Then…when I DO eat… body doesn’t want it and out it goes. I’ve lost 10 lbs  in 6 days. SIX DAYS!

So once these side effects decide to stop…I can start. Until then…well…I’m sleeping, peeing, and not eating.


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