A sad day for America

Today is a sad day for America. Most days are anymore, but this one is especially tragic.

Now I don’t let things that affect other people bother me much.

Today though, I’ve been in tears for most of the day. In Connecticut a man went into a kindergarten class and shot them. By the end of his shooting spree 27 people were dead, the shooter among them. Of those 27, 20 were children. Children who were not much older than my own.

Adam Lanza walked into the school, shot the principal, shot the school psychologist, went to his mothers kindergarten classroom and killed her students. She wasn’t there. He killed her before the day started.

Those children were in a room, probably terrified as that monster fired guns at them. Cutting them down at barely 5 or 6 years old. At a time of year when kids are supposed to be excited and giddy for Christmas, their parents have to bury them.

My heart aches for those parents. My heart breaks for those children. My husband is a Marine. He was in Iraq. He saw horrible things while there. This brought him to tears.

These children….they were truly innocent. They stared at the monster who wore camo,  bullet proof vests, and 3 guns as he murdered them and their friends. They watched as he others were killed and…what could have gone through their poor minds as the bullets pierced their tiny bodies?

I was baking cookies when I first heard the reports. My boys love chocolate chip cookies. How many of those moms were baking fresh cookies for their kids when they got the news?

I can’t help but look at my boys and cry. It could have been them. And those babies…those innocent lives….they were no older than my own children. They were babies. Their lives had just begun. How many of them were excited to go home and tell their parents about the gold star they received for saying their ABC’s? How many had just learned how to spell their names? How many had just learned how to tie their shoes?

I have never felt a greater pain for another that was not family than I do now. As a parent…no. I can’t even imagine it being my children. I can’t imagine Brett or Eli being in that sort of danger. I can’t. I won’t.

In 2 months we have to register the kids for kindergarten. We will not. Our boys will be home schooled. I will do whatever I must to make sure my children are safe. I will do whatever it takes to make sure my children do not suffer the same fate as these poor children.


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