Wiz Khalifa day…

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Today, December 12, 2012 is Wiz Khalifa day.

I was embarrassed to be a Pittsburgher. I still am at the moment. Perhaps I can go to just “The Housewife”…

There aren’t many people in the city who are happy with the city councils move yesterday. In fact, I’m pretty sure a majority of us are ashamed, embarrassed, and in dismay they would choose such a poor choice to give a day to.

He openly admits to smoking large quantities of weed. His song black and yellow ISN’T ABOUT PITTSBURGH! It’s about a damned car. And what are they trying to say about Pittsburgh? What is the City Council saying to the rest of the world about the city?

When I think of honoring someone with their own day, I think of someone who has actually DONE something for the city. Someone who has represented Pittsburgh in such an outstanding way. Such as the Seal who was killed a few days ago. Maybe one of the police officers, firemen, medics, nurses, or doctors who save lives on a daily basis. What about a local Marine, Airman, Seaman, or Soldier who has served the country and made us all proud at home? Or what about someone who volunteers daily without asking for a single word of thanks?

Do those people NOT exist in Pittsburgh? I guess that Seal wasn’t a good enough candidate. I suppose the police who put their lives on the line every time they put on their uniform aren’t good enough. I guess that ED doc who just saved a toddlers life isn’t good enough. I guess that Marine who served two tours and missed his child’s birth to protect Pittsburgh and the entire United States is not good enough.

So what has Wiz Khalifa done to represent Pittsburgh besides smoking pot and making an ass out of himself? What has he done to help better the city? WHAT HAS HE DONE TO DESERVE THIS HONOR?????? Please, someone tell me WHAT HAS HE DONE TO DESERVE IT! Because from this housewife’s perspective…he hasn’t done shit!

Pittsburgh City Council…I am DISAPPOINTED and ashamed. This is a stain on the wonderful city. It is a smear that world will see. And I guess drugs is now legal in Pittsburgh? Didn’t know that.

Read the horrendous, messed-up story HERE


3 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa day…

  1. This was nothing more than a media stunt to get pittburgh in the news. How awful. I know a lot of people are upset by this move. Especially those who have lost several members of different police forces. Just like firefighters, regardless what force you are on, you are all members of the same family. There is a large outcry against this.

    • It’s just awful that they would pick him of all people. I mean how many other famous people came out of Pittsburgh? Michael Keaton. George A. Romero. To name a few. Hell…Channing Tatum isn’t from Pittsburgh, but I’d be less pissed if HE were given his own day.

      I really think that as “minor” an award and as much a publicity stunt as it was…they would want GOOD publicity. Not bad. The Seal who was killed in action would have been PERFECT! News outlets EVERYWHERE would have picked that shit up, and made us all proud here. But nooooooooo let’s find the least deserving pot head we can. *sigh*

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