Would you kill for a cigarette?

I don’t smoke. I think it’s disgusting, but that is not the reason for my post today.

Saturday a 22-year-old mother lost her life because she told two 14-year-old boys to get a job when they harassed her boyfriend for a cigarette.

Now a child will grow up without her mother because a couple of young thugs decided to be assholes.

How do 14-year-olds get their hands on semi-automatic weapons anyway? WHERE ARE THE PARENTS!! Are these kids just mini versions of their moms and dads? Are their moms and dads aware that their smoking, thug, mini-versions are out harassing people and shooting innocent people? And if their parents DON’T know about the extracuricular activities…well how? How is that even possible? My mom knew who I hung out with, where I was, and what time I would be home. If I was late, oh boy was she calling me.

Okay so the woman did tell the little jerks to get a job, but come on these kids were OUTSIDE HER HOUSE yelling at her boyfriend for a DAMNED CIG!

It’s Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza time…it’s a time for togetherness, joy, and peace damnit! I don’t want to hear about these ignorant punks going around shooting up MY F*CKING CITY! I’ve had it with the violence. I’ve had it with these kids who think that they are above the law. I don’t give a rats fart in space if they are minors. They made a VERY adult decision the moment they decided to start carrying guns with them. Now they have very adult consequences to face. I honestly believe they should be tried as adults.

Police have issued arrest warrants for the 14-year-old homicide suspects on felony homicide charges. Criminal complaints identify them as Todavia S. Cleckley and Marcus Velasquez.

You can read the story HERE.
If you know or have seen these teenagers….call the police. Put feelings aside and realize they shot up someones home, killed a woman, and could have killed her 23-month-old baby all because of a cigarette. A stinking cigarette. Think about what if it had happened to your wife, girlfriend, daughter, neighbor, or friend.
The teens  are being charged as ADULTS!!!

3 thoughts on “Would you kill for a cigarette?

  1. Not shocked. Kids these days aren’t raised with respect or rules like we were. They’ve told me “I don’t let my mama yell at me, why would I let you?” and honestly? That’s the fucking problem. Parents don’t parent. They let their kids do whatever the hell they want whenever they want and with no rules or consequences. I actually had a kid who was all excited bc he got all Ds and only (!!!?1!?) 1 F, so he wouldn’t lose his video games. Parents today don’t give a shit, so their kids just do whatever and never face consequences. Thus they think they’re all big and bad and can do whatever and do shit like this. I hope those kids are tried as adults too and that they spend the rest of their lives in jail. And that their idiot friends learn a thing or two, though I doubt that.

    • It’s awful how kids are now-a-days. If I brought home C’s my mom was PISSED. I didn’t have to worry about not having video games, I just got my ass beat, and had to bring home all my books everyday. I just want to know what’s wrong with these parents. If my kids acted like a couple of assholes, you better believe they’re going to be spending a LOT of time alone…in their room…forever.

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