The castle in Downtown Pittsburgh


I took my boys downtown today. That was something I don’t want to do alone again.

Downtown Pittsburgh is all done up for the holidays. Lights, Christmas trees, Santa’s “village”, Santa, the “winter gardens” with the hall of Santa Clauses, the ice rink, and everything wonderful about this holiday season.

My boys have never been downtown to see everything. They’re only 4.

So they’re at that age where they can start loving everything. They already go crazy for Christmas lights and trees. The big tree downtown is surrounded by an ice rink in the PPG Place square.

PPG Place looks like a giant, glass castle.

When we got to the tree the boys stopped and did a 360. They were amazed at the “castle.”

Eli looked up at me and said, “mom, mommy, look it’s a castle!”


Despite what some parents may have done, I went along with it and let them believe that there is a giant, glass castle in downtown Pittsburgh. I mean, who am I to dash the kids imagination? So I told them a story.
I got them close and knelt on my knee and pointed to the surround “castle”.

Me: “Did you guys know that a king, queen, prince, and princess live in that giant castle?”

Them: “No way!”

Me: “Yes way, and it’s their job to protect the tree.”

Them: “It is?”

Me: “Yes. They have knights who patrol the area to make sure nobody steals the tree. If something happens to it, than Christmas won’t happen!”

Them: “NO!”

Me: “Yes!”

Them: looking around “Where are the knights?”

Me: “Everywhere. When they are out here around us normal people they look like us. They dress like cops, security guards, and even cleaning people. Anybody around here could be a knight.”

Them: “Is there a Christmas?”

Me: “Well, the tree is up, so yes there is. That’s why Santa has a house right over there. He helps protect the tree. It gives him the power to go all around the world in ONE night.”

They were left in stunned silence.

You’re welcome downtown folks for making you the coolest people in the world to a couple of 4-year-olds.

Maybe I shouldn’t have weaved such an elaborate story to the boys, but ya know what…it made the day that much more enjoyable for them. I like them believing in the unbelievable and being kids. I like sparking their imaginations and creativity. Hell, I spend a majority of my days spinning wild stories for adults to read, why not tell one or two to the boys?

And to add to the magical day…we walked past Santa’s House before he was open…the boys saw him through the window. Santa stopped talking to his elf, waved at the boys, and winked. I’m pretty sure he made their entire year.



4 thoughts on “The castle in Downtown Pittsburgh

  1. That is really a nice story. Children that age are such fun to be with. Always enjoy your children. They won’t be children for long.

    • I wish they could be this age forever…just without their fighting. They are so much fun. It’s awesome seeing them experience things for the first time that I did as a kid.

  2. Love the story and keeping the spirit of Christmas alive fir those reading your beautiful message today. My granddaughter is 3 this year and we are having an absolute blast with her and experiencing the Christnas season through her eyes makes this a very blessed and magical Christmas.

    Merry Christmas my friend!

    • Children really do make Christmas all that much more exciting. Now that my guys are at an age where they understand things, it’s even more fun. We have a countdown board and everyday when we change that number their eyes just light up.

      We’re getting out tree tomorrow (we do the real tree, I can’t bring myself to get a fake one), and I just can’t wait to decorate it with the boys.

      And Merry Christmas to you and your family, Nancy!

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