Bath time with 4-year-olds

Bath time with my boys is never dull. Last night was no exception.

My oldest by 5 minutes decided he didn’t want to get washed. After his teeth were brushed and his hair scrubbed he stopped me.

Child #1: Mom, I no get cleaned.
Me: Why not?
Child #1: I say so.
Me: That doesn’t fly with your momma, boy. Think of a better excuse.
Child #1: Um, I’m a zombie.
Me: Oh are you?
Child #1: Yes.
Me: Well I don’t like smelly zombies in my house.
Child #1: Zombies don’t get baths.
Me: Zombies also don’t get visits from Santa.
The boy looked at me like I just told him he had to eat a turd for dinner. So he thinks for a minute, stands and says, ” Okay, you can clean me now.”
Me: But I thought you were a zombie?
Child #1: No, I’m a TT now.
Me: Are you sure?
Child #1: Does Santa visit TT’s?
Me: Only the clean ones.

Santa inspired my child to get his bath… and I so took full advantage of it.


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