My Kinect adventure

Starting tomorrow…yes, Thanksgiving, I’m starting my weight loss journey…again.

I’m using our Xbox Kinect.

When I started dating Greg I was 120 lbs and a size 5. I was happy with how I looked.
7 years and twins later…well I’m not 120 lbs anymore.

I want to be.

I will be.

So here I go. I plan on updating at least once a week about this little adventure to get back to predating weight. (Yeah, predating. Screw pre-baby, I want predating.)

I’m not posting my starting weight simply because I’m going to ignore it till I’m 120 lbs again. Let’s say I have a long way to go.

Seeing as how I don’t do well in crowds or having people look at me gyms are out of the question. I hate gyms. I am very anxious in public and well…I’m a reclusive hermit. I like being in the comforts of my own home. I don’t have anxiety attacks in my own home. If you want me in public, I suggest promising alcohol and/or getting me drunk.

Anyway…I’ll be using our Fitness Evolved game to help me on the weight loss journey on top of eating healthier and not drinking so much Mt. Dew and other crap.

It is my goal that by this time next year I’ll be back to that weight.

So here we go. I get up bright and early tomorrow…and every day after that and work out.



3 thoughts on “My Kinect adventure

  1. I remember when you looked like that. You should also try UFC trainer for Kinect. The Kinect sports boxing is a good workout too if you use some wrist weights.

    • I don’t plan on doing Sensa. I know a few people who have tired it with no results.

      I’m going to do Your Shape: Evolved for 30 days to see what sort of results I get for that. And if it’s decent I’ll keep at it and maybe get Dance Central or Zumba Rush to see what those are like.

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