My children

I have kids. I have two kids…twins actually. They turned 4 three months ago.

We had issues with their talking, as in them not, for a while. Oh that has all changed.

My kids are little chatter boxes. Some of the things they say are completely ridiculous and just makes me giggle.

They are also monster fiends like their father and I. (Yes, my 4-year-olds love zombies, vampires, Frankenstein, monsters, ghosts, and the like. Their favorite is Night of the Living Dead. Would expect anything less of a mini ‘Burgher? And yes, I do draw the line at some movies. The Saw movies are a BIG, BIG NO NO NO NO NO. Way too much. I won’t even watch them. Those are a Greg thing only in the house for now.)

They are also video game fiends like their father.

Boy #2 is playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the Xbox and Boy #1 is playing Resident Evil on my 3DS. The conversations these two have is….well it’s something.

Boy #2: Mom, mom, mom!!!

Me: What, child?

Boy #2: BAD GUY!

Me: Yes, I see that.

Boy #2: Cap A (Captain America) beats the bad guy!

Me: Yes, yes he does.

I sit and I read for a few minutes.

Boy #1: Mom! MOM!

Me: What, child?

Boy #1: ZOMBIES!

Me: You know what to do with zombies. Head shot, son. Head shot.

Boy #1: But mom!

Me: No buts, son. You shoot zombies in the head.

Boy #1: I out of gun.

Me: Then run like hell.

Boy #1: o_0

Me: Did the zombie eat you?

Boy  #1: nods his head.

Me: You would suck in a zombipocalypse .

Boy #1: No, mom. You get eat. I run.

Me: You would sacrifice your own mother to the zombie hoards?

Boy #1: Yes.

My children folks. Already ruthless zombie survivors.

I don’t talk to my kids like they’re little kids. I’ve always hated the baby talk. Even when they were still in the womb I would just talk to them like they were normal people and not a clump of cells wiggling around making me have to pee every 5 minutes.

Now before everyone thinks the kids play video games all day or all we watch is horror movies…they do have time limits on the games and we also watch Spongebob. That little yellow sponge drives me bonkers.

There was no real point to today’s post.


One thought on “My children

  1. I think the point was for the laughs. Too cute. You might want to start teaching them how awful it is to run like hell to save yourself and leave your own mother, the woman who carried you for 9 months and gave birth to, to be eaten by the zombies though. It’s never too early to teach them right.

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