A health update…

It has been a while since I’ve said much about my health.

Well, it’s shitty.

I had an MRI done on October 25th. Thankfully it came back all clear. Not so thankfully that left us with more questions than answers. So Dr. Friedlander ordered a Lumbar Puncture. It sounds and looks scarier than what it actually is.

I’m terrified of needles. Thankfully Maria, the proceduralist, was wonderful. I didn’t see anything while she did the LP. I was able to look at my spine on the screen though, which was really cool.

She showed me which vertebrae the needle would be going in between and explained what would happen. Amazingly it did not hurt. There was a LOT of pressure, but it didn’t hurt. If you’ve had an epidural…it was like that. It’s pretty much the same concept only instead of the needle coming right back out, it stays in for about 15-30 minutes. My procedure from the moment I was on the table till I was back on the stretcher in RPU (Radiology Procedure Unit) was about 30-45 minutes. Then you have to lay flat for about 4 hours.

That was the worst part. I was bored out of my skull, but it was to prevent any CSF from leaking and causing a spinal headache.

So what was found out? My intracranial pressure is a 19. I have NO idea what the hell that means. So now I have to wait to get a call, email, or something from the doc. I’m resisting the urge to Google because every time I do it tells me I’m dying or I have cancer all over my body…including prostate cancer. I really doubt I have prostate cancer since I don’t have a penis. (If the title of the blog or my photo didn’t give it away…I’m a woman. Women tend to NOT have penises.)

A lot of people are anti-UPMC. Some for very good reasons. (I know someone in particular and she has every right in the world to hate UPMC. If I were in her shoes I would too.) Others hate them because…well they’re a large and successful corporation. But me, so far, I am happy with them. Granted I’ve only had to deal with the neurosurgical department and my PCP, but I’m happy. Dr. Friedlander has been absolutely amazing. He’s willing to listen to me, and it feels as though he really does want to find out what’s wrong with me. He understands that I’m terrified. I really am. I have no idea what’s going on in my body and it scares the shit out of me. He’s so patient and kind. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon. His staff is amazing, and they REMEMBER who I am! Okay, so I work there…but they remember my kids. That’s a big one for me, they are kind to my children.

Another lady I’m thankful that is there is Juliana. I’ve mentioned her before and I’ll mention her again. She is so kind and caring. I’m glad I have them to help me through this.

Okay, so that’s it on my health update.


4 thoughts on “A health update…

  1. “Women tend to not have penises” Lmfao. Haha. This is why I love you.

    But omg holyshit wtf holy hell the hugeass needle stays in your spine for that long? OMG. I want to cry thinking about it. haha

    But hope you’re ok and that everything will come back fine. *hugs*

    • Lol.

      Yeah, that long. It doesn’t really hurt. It’s just this TREMENDOUS pressure in the back. I refused to look at the needles or anything until after so I was okay. Luckily they numb the site up REALLY well. The numbing hurt worse than the hollow needle.

  2. I guess I read the last blog first!! My heart is heavy fir everything you are going through and you need to know you are always in my prayers and on my church prayer chain. STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!! That just adds mire stress you don’t need right now. Let those two adorable and handsome young boys keep your mind busy and your heart full of love.

    • I am definitely staying away from Google. lol. The kids are keeping on my toes so I’m not dwelling so much on the health issues…or at least not trying to.

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