Tragedy in Pittsburgh

Today at the Pittsburgh zoo and PPG Aquarium a 3-year-old boy fell to his death.

I don’t blame the zoo. I blame the mother.

I’m sure I’ll get shit for my opinion, but I’m not one to not state it.

According to witnesses at the zoo at the time of the accident a woman was holding her child either over a safety barrier or on it to get a better look at the African Painted Dogs. A wild animal exhibit. As adorably cute as they are, the African Painted Dogs are wild animals.

Then it goes on to say either he slipped from her grasp or she slipped and dropped him. He then plummeted 11 ft. They are unsure if he broke a few bones at this point or he was already gone, but his body was mauled by the African Painted Dogs. Zoo Keepers and police could not lure all of the dogs away from the boys body and one dog had to be shot and killed.


A lot of people say “How can you blame the mother?”, “It’s not her fault!”, “There should be better protection for people!”, “Isn’t she suffering enough?”

Really folks? Really?

How is it NOT her fault? She was disobeying posted signs and a safety barrier! It IS her fault. An accident, sure. But an accident that could have been avoided!! Had that woman used ANY common sense, the child would not have been injured.

Okay, so say ALL those witnesses are lying. Say the mom didn’t hold the boy over the safety barrier, how did he end up “falling” through the banisters? I’ve been there…it’s not that easy to slide through those. Why was he out of her sight?

Others say, “Well wait till you have kids…” I DO HAVE KIDS! I have two 4-year-olds. I have kids that I’ve taken to the zoo on numerous occasions…nobody has ever slipped, fallen, or been held over any safety barriers. Why? I keep an eye on my children at all times, and I don’t disobey Zoo rules and guidelines.

Perhaps I’m being mean. Perhaps I’m being harsh. But that’s the reality of it. This was a tragic accident that could have been avoided. It should have been avoided.

And I do not blame the Zoo or the African Painted Dogs at all.

Oh, and yes, there was an incident a few months ago where the Dogs escaped the main enclosure and got into a back area. Despite what reports say, they weren’t lost in the zoo. People were never in danger.



One thought on “Tragedy in Pittsburgh

  1. the mother is having neglegence charges filed against her.
    I’m sure it won’t really come to much seeing as she has suffered enough but just goes to show the blame is hers

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