Off topic again…

Some of my long time readers and friends know that I have a birth defect.

It’s nothing you can see, but it’s something I feel. Everyday. And now I have a scar that starts on my skull and ends at the bottom of my neck. I keep it covered so nobody sees it.
The scar is from decompression surgery and a laminectomy of my C1 and C2.

My spine was pushing up and the CSF was blocked. That made for a horrible non-stop headache.

So what was the problem? Chiari malformation type 1.

What is Chiari malformation type 1? well it’s when brain tissue protrudes into the spinal canal preventing csf from flowing.

I had my surgery at Presby. Dr. Friedlander and Dr. Phil Parry did my surgery. ( I thought it was Dr. Juan Martin, but I’ve learned that it wasn’t…I happen to work on the neuro progressive unit that takes care of brain patients) I was in the hospital for 3 days all together.

Things were great for a few months. Then headaches started coming back. Nausea hit. Memory problems. Gait problems. Irritability. EXTREME fatigue. Things that I shouldn’t be having problems with now.

After months of being told to call the doc…I relented. I go for an MRI this week.


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