Today is….The Frick Mansion

Henry Clay Frick is among Pittsburgh’s past elite. He was an industrial magnate who took up residence in our faircity in 1883. He settled in Point Breeze with his wife in the Clayton House.

In the 1900’s the Frick’s packed up and moved to New York. As they began passing away…someone may have returned to Pittsburgh.

The Clayton House is a Pittsburgh historic landmark, it’s more famously known as the Frick Mansion. It’s an art and history museum that is open to the public now. But in 1883 Henry Clay Frick, his wife Adelaide Howard Childs and, their four children called it home.

Their youngest daughter, Helen Clay Frick, loved Clayton House and, after the death of her parents she continued to visit and pay for the mansion’s upkeep. She finally moved back into the home in 1981 at the age of 93. She died there three years later at the age of 96.

It’s no secret that most everyone thinks it’s Helen keeping watch over her favorite childhood home.

Since the house was opened up to the public in 1990 security guards have reported hearing someone walking around on the third floor of the building late at night when no one is there. Reported depressions left in the bed of Adelaide Frick, however, lend credence to the theory that the ghost is that of Mrs. Frick returning to claim her place as matron of the mansion.

Maybe Helen wasn’t the only one who loved the Clayton House and Pittsburgh so much that they wanted to rest there eternally.

Has anyone had any experiences at the Frick Mansion?


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