a haunted bird house?

Pittsburgh is one spooky place, and not just in October.

Today’s spooky post is not a first hand account, but one that has made its way around. If you have had an experience…tell me in the comments!!! Also, feel free to email me at hlwampler24@yahoo.com if you want your story posted!!

Today’s post is about the National Aviary in the North Side. It’s near AGH and the Children’s museum. It’s a great place to go to learn about exotic birds that don’t live around here. They also are responsible for the peregrine falcons that are nesting in downtown and Oakland. It’s super cool watching their falcon cams.

But, this isn’t about the birds. This is about their unseen visitors.

Southwestern, Pa saw a lot of bloodshed at the beginning of our country. There have been countless battles on the lands surrounding Pittsburgh. Troops marching through. Wounded. And when it comes to battles…people die. People ALWAYS die.

Sometimes…those dead people don’t leave.

The National Aviary on Pittsburgh’s North Side is not only home to more than 600 birds from around the world, it is also home to many specters!  The aviary was constructed on the site of what was once the Western Penitentiary.  From 1862 to 1864, the penitentiary served as a Union prison, housing Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

More captives were taken in this war than in any other.  Therefore, the camps were cramped and unsanitary and many met their ends under poor conditions.  It is reported that the tortured souls of the deceased Confederate soldiers roam the halls of the aviary at night.

So do the restless spirits of the soldiers there? Are they roaming the halls, unable to rest because of “unfinished” business? Or are they trapped from having their lives cut short so tragically.

It has been years since I’ve been to the aviary, and I really don’t remember anything spooky happening. Perhaps one day I’ll go back for the haunted tours. Perhaps.


One thought on “a haunted bird house?

  1. Another strange but absolutely true story.

    I call this “The Premonition” 

    About 20 years ago a group of us were leaving work one evening.  A friend of mine took a rather expensive ink pen from his shirt pocket and threw it to me . I asked “What is this for?”  He replied ” I want you to have something to remember me by.”  I asked him what he meant.  He replied “I don’t know why I’m giving this to you, I just feel I should.” Thirty minutes later he was killed by a drunk driver.

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