More ghosty stories!

I know, I didn’t post this weekend. I had a good reason though…I had to work.

Yes, I did my two 12 1/2 hour shifts. Fun stuff. So here is some more spooky tales!

There are a bunch of colleges, technical, and business schools in Pittsburgh.

One of those is ICM.

Years ago I decided to try ICM just to see what it was like. (Uh…I hated it.)

Well after the first “semester” or whatever the hell they called it, I was running late for one of my evening classes. The elevators were down so I had to take the stairs. I had heard stories about a teacher who had died in the school but didn’t pay much attention to it.

This particular day I was the only one in the stair well. Classes had started and everyone else was actually on time. As I climbed I heard the clicking of high heels a flight below me. I’d stop, the other person would stop. I’d go, they’d go. I got to the floor I needed and paused near the door waiting. I heard the shoes still going. At the time they should have reached the floor I was on, top floor, nobody was there. No other doors were opened (you can hear the sound echo up and down the stair well), no person appeared. It just…disappeared.

Needless to say I was freaked. I ran down the hall to my class, my heart pounding, when I passed by a room that had a door that was boarded up. It looked like the doorway had just been plastered over.

After class when I was leaving I stopped at the security guards desk to ask him what the hell was up. That was when he told me the entire story. (He was there when everything happened)

30 years before when I was enrolled a woman was disliked by the rest of the teaching staff. An administrative position opened up and she was pushing for her husband (or herself I can’t remember which) to get the position. Well, the rest of the staff at the school made sure that didn’t happen.

She was at the school late oneĀ  night grading papers and ended up having a heart attack and dying at her desk.

After that happened the lights in her classroom would never turn off. You could flick the light switch off, but the lights would turn right back on. It got to the point that the electricity to that class was cut off and it was just boarded up. She also “follows/chases” students who are late to their class. (Awesome…right? No.)

As the security guard and I left I looked up to the floor where the boarded up class was…her lights were on.


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