Another good one

Here’s another good one from Joe.

This story is true and NOT for the squeamish.  A man and his wife lived in an old farmhouse on a very rural dirt road near Somerset.

One night he came home from work early and found his wife with another man.  Going completely insane, he grabbed an ax and went after them both.  The police said there was blood splattered in almost every room of the house.

About ten years later a friend of mine rented the house, which had remained empty for many years.  He and his wife lived there less than a week.  They could not stand the screaming in the house at night.  It was always at the time of the double murders.  Many people watched the house from the road at night and said they could hear noised inside.  Screaming and furniture breaking.

The house sat empty for many years until someone bought the house, tore it down, and  burned the lumber.  The land still remains bare to this day as all of the trees around it have died.  Only the foundation remains.


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