Quaker Church

This is another personal experience, only this time I actually experienced it…with other people.

In fact, with a good friend of mine Casie.

*WARNING: The area is now patrolled by POLICE. You are NOT allowed on the property without permission. If you want to ghost hunt there I suggest getting in contact with someone from the borough and police to make sure you don’t get into trouble!!! These stories are from TEN years ago. TEN!!! Prior to the area being patrolled by police!*

Quaker Church is this TINY one room building in Perryopolis, Pa. It rests on top of a hill that overlooks the little town. During the day it’s peaceful, quiet, and looks like nothing but an old cemetery.

At night it’s a different story.

A quick Google search will bring up all kinds of stories about the cemetery. Some true, some utter bullshit. Trust me, I know. I lived a few miles from the place up until a few years ago. It was one of my favorite places to “ghost hunt”. In fact, my mother was the first person to ever take me there. (After me persisting for a LONG, LONG time. Years in fact.)

Now Quaker Church was founded by none other than a bunch of Quakers in the 1700’s.  It was a sight where they killed supposed witches and where others practiced black magic later. (I had a run in YEARS ago with one of them…dressed all in black. I quickly turned my little car around and sped away. I didn’t go to the place for a few months after that.)

There are a few urban legends about this particular place. One is that inside there is writing on the wall that tells about how someone was killed and if you read, that’s how you die. That’s not true. That is NOT there. I’ve been there, in the building, it’s not on the walls. There is graffiti, that’s about it.

Now there is an old tombstone that glows. (It does, I’ve seen it.) There is a very creepy inscription on it, that legend says if you sit on the tombstone when it’s glowing and read the inscription you and everyone you’re with will die. I don’t know if it’s true, nobody I know has ever been brave enough to do it. Including me.

But the inscription says:

As you are now so once was I

As I am now, so you soon shall be.


So onto my personal stories and enough about the legends and shit.

One night a group of us (about 4 or 5) decided to go to Quaker Cemetery. The threshold to the cemetery is a rickety fence that’s broken (I don’t even know if it’s still there or not) and a gateway with no gate. There is a wooden plank where the gate should be. Rumor has it if you step on it something will follow you through the cemetery and possibly home. I never stepped on it. Ever. But someone did that particular night.

We split off into two groups, one went into the church and the other stayed in the cemetery. I was with the group who stayed in the cemetery. As we walked around the tombstones trying to scare each other, we heard someone walking around behind us. We’d turn and look but nobody was there. We figured it was just someone from the other group trying to scare us.

It wasn’t. They were in the church, sitting down listening. I was freaked out and we all joined as one big group. As we sat in the tiny one room church it got dark. Really dark. We could hear people walking around the outside and inside the building. Things were being thrown around in the building.  You could hear rocks and glass hitting the walls. I kept seeing a shadow walk in front of the windows. Needless to say I was scared shitless.

We did what any sane people would do. We screamed and ran.

Nothing followed me home, but I’m not sure about my friends.

If you have any experiences with Quaker Church please tell us about it in the comments!!


16 thoughts on “Quaker Church

  1. I have went up there before like 6 years ago and 3 guys dressed in black told us to leave it wasn’t safe there. They looked like a cult. It really freaked me n my ex out and we left. I always wanted to go but noone would go with me.

  2. Seriously, this place is no joke. My grandpa lives about 10 minutes from here, and my sister and cousin decided to stop by on their way home from his house. It was sunset… so it wasn’t even completely dark yet. My sister recorded their whole journey on her phone (partially for light, partially to have the place on video). When we went back through the video we saw TONS of orbs and a mysterious mist that kept floating by the camera. We paused the video on the mist and (I shit you not) it was in the shape of a person! I wish I could attach a picture to show you.
    Anyways since my family is crazy (and because I didn’t get to witness the church in person) my friends and I decided to go take a trip for ourselves. I figured it was a good idea to record my experience as well. Like my sister, I captured multiple orbs. I did capture a mist once, but I’m not 100% sure it was that or the glare of my friend’s flashlight. Either way, the vibes were creepy and it left us with an unsettling feeling. We went into the church as well.. it’s only a one room tiny church but it is creepy as hell. If you read some stories it will say that there’s a ghost that causes the church to be cold. We went on a fairly nice night (probably about 45 degrees out) and the inside of the church was FREEZING. Oh and yes, there are new graves! Kinda a creepy feeling to see newer graves on an old property.
    Anyways, if you’re looking for a crazy place to visit this is definitely your place. It’s hard to see in the dark if you don’t know where you’re going, but once you find the tower that sits right next to it it’s not too hard to locate. We didn’t have any interferences with the cops both times we visited, although I’m sure they do patrol the area. I’ll probably post the video on YouTube so everyone can see our experience there. Usually I don’t believe people’s stories of their experiences at a place like this, but this place is legitimately the scariest place I’ve been in my life.

  3. My fiance and I went there last night. We parked right in front (didn’t think cops would care too much since we weren’t there to vandalize). We got out and only had a crummy flashlight and the light from our cell phones (really dumb idea). We started walking up to the fence and almost immediately saw a pair of orange eyes staring at us from the treeline on the left. This thing barely moved, didn’t blink, and made no noise, but it was definitely watching us. It looked like it was either petrified in fear or trying to taunt us. It disappeared after a few minutes and we started making our way in. We still felt like we were being watched and very unwelcome. We both heard laughing which was odd because we weren’t in earshot of a house or anyone nearby. I tried to take a few pictures of the chapel but even with the flash on there was nothing but 3 large orbs in the way in every picture. I never really took orbs seriously (figures would be more convincing) but I couldn’t replicate that image in the dark with the flash on elsewhere. I went to this cemetery feeling confident we wouldn’t see anything but it was a bit creepier than expected. Didn’t even dare enter the chapel or get closer to the headstones. I’d like to go back with more people and better lights. This is honestly one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had.

    • Want a weird true story? A couple in Johnstown, Pa. inherited a house from the husband’s grandfather who passed away. They lived in the house for several years with no problems. One day the husband took a photo of his wife sitting on the sofa. When he had the film developed they were shocked to see his grandfather who died five years earlier sitting on the sofa beside the wife. They had the developer recheck the photo but could find nothing wrong with it. It got more publicity until it was finally checked by an FBI crime lab. They determined the photo was indeed genuine and it had not been tampered with in any way.

  4. I went there yesterday. It felt creepy. I stayed off the property, took a picture from the gate. Thanks for the info. I moved here recently and everyone tells me the place is spooked. I didn’t know the Quakers killed witches there. That sucks. it’s so pretty up there.

    • It’s very beautiful and extremely creepy. I shudder thinking about it. If you contact local authorities to find out about how to go on the property you should. It’s even creepier crossing the threshold.

  5. I was there today. My mom told me about it when she was younger. It had a weird feeling to it. I didn’t dare go past the fence! Yes the fence is still there. And there are some more recent graves also.

    • New graves???? I didn’t know the place was still used.

      It’s definitely weird and creepy. I always get a creeped out vibe when I drive by or go.

      • And the man has spoken. If you go after dark….well…be ready for the consequences. Be sure to get the appropriate permission before going after dark!

  6. Do you have any idea how to get in contact with anybody that owns this. Me and my friends wanna go up one night and stay the night but don’t want to get in any trouble. but i can’t figure out who owns the place??! Do you

    • I’m not entirely sure, I haven’t been there in about ten years, but I’d have to say start with the Perryopolis Police. I’m fairly certain they’re the ones who patrol the area. If it’s not them, they could at least point you in the right direction. If they don’t…try the borough council folks.

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