A quick pause in spooky stories

Tonight, October 3, 2012, the presidental debate is going on.

There are only two parties debating tonight.

Everyone else is left out.

I’m not Democrat and only registered as Republican so I can vote in primaries.

I am a Libertarian.

The presidential nominee for the party is Governor Gary Johnson.

So who the HELL is Gary Johnson?

First you may be wondering what the HELL is a libertarian?

Are you liberal? Conservative? WHAT?

Here is what we Libertarians are.

libertarian: A person who upholds the principles of individual liberty especially of thought and action.
Libertarian: a member of a political party advocating libertarian principles.

Libertarians believe in, and pursue, personal freedom while maintaining personal responsibility.  The Libertarian Party itself serves a much larger pro-liberty community with the specific mission of electing Libertarians to public office.

Libertarians strongly oppose any government interfering in their personal, family and business decisions.  Essentially, we believe all Americans should be free to live their lives and pursue their interests as they see fit as long as they do no harm to another.

In a nutshell, we are advocates for a smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

Does that sound like you?

It’s not bad to NOT be a Republican or Democrat.

I’m not happy with Obama as a president. He sucks.

I’m not happy with Romney running. He sucks.

I would be happy with Gary Johnson. With his ideals and what he believes, who wouldn’t like him? He’s down to earth, he’s an average guy, HE CARES ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY! ALL of the people. Not just the poor. Not just the rich. He doesn’t focus on middle class. He focuses on every SINGLE person that is an American citizen.

THAT is what we need. A president who cares about every social class, every person whether they are homeless or living in a 10 Billion dollar home. He’s for equality for everyone. Giving everyone a chance to pursue a life they want.

If you’re not happy with either candidate…check out Gary Johnson.

GARY JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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