Time for some spooky tales!!!

I’m a few days late, BUT for the next month (until October 31) here at the Pittsburgh Housewife we are telling scary stories!

They can be real or fake, but email me if you have one you want to share!!!
I’ll start.

This is a true story. It happened when I was 7. It happened to me, but I was asleep through it. This was told to me by my mother.

My mom, brother, Jimmy, and I had moved into this HUGE, OLD house in Perryopolis, Pa. (It’s still there, looks like shit now, but it’s there)
Shortly after moving in I ended up getting sick. Really sick. Mom took me to the doctors, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Antibiotics, fluids, and sleep were the only answers they could give to mom.

So, she tucked me in. It was especially frustrating to her since she was an EMT at the time. So she knew how to make me feel better, except this one time.

I have a habit of tossing and turning, then kicking all the blankets off my body at night. I still do. So before mom went to bed she checked on me. Of course my blankets were half on the bed and half on the floor. Now, it was the middle of November so it was cold out. The windows in my room were shut and locked. As she walked into my room she noticed the old rocking chair that was in the corner rocking back and forth. She stood there a few minutes and watched it, unsure if she was seeing what she was seeing. My mom doesn’t scare easily, she’s very brave, and in any situation would go protect her children (and now her grandchildren). So, she went for my bed. Reaching out for the blankets to pull them up, she watched as the situated themselves. Mom stood near my bed frozen with fear. I was sleeping. Coughing, tossing and turning, but otherwise unharmed. She heard footsteps walk across my floor and looked where they stopped, at the windows that over-looked the dog houses. My dogs were going NUTS outside. Barking and howling, which was very unusual for them.

She watched as a woman in a civil war era nurses uniform appeared at  the window. She turned to look at mom, smiled, and said to not worry I’d be fine.

Wouldn’t you know the next morning I was completely fine. Not a cough, sniffle, or fever to be found.


7 thoughts on “Time for some spooky tales!!!

  1. Heather, do you not remember the crap we used to do at Quaker Church & Salem Church Road?! OMG… freaky stuff you & I went through! Always ended with me driving the eclipse back home hahaha!

    • Oh I’ll be posting about those. Quaker Church scares the shit out of me. That is one place I absolutely REFUSE to go to alone…ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

      • This story is true and NOT for the squeamish.  A man and his wife lived in an old farmhouse on a very rural dirt road near Somerset.  One night he came home from work early and found his wife with another man.  Going completely insane, he grabbed an ax and went after them both.  The police said there was blood splattered in almost every room of the house.  About ten years later a friend of mine rented the house, which had remained empty for many years.  He and his wife lived there less than a week.  They could not stand the screaming in the house at night.  It was always at the time of the double murders.  Many people watched the house from the road at night and said they could hear noised inside.  Screaming and furniture breaking.  The house sat empty for many years until someone bought the house, tore it down, and  burned the lumber.  The land still remains bare to this day as all of the trees around it have died.  Only the foundation remains.  

      • When I was a teenager growing up in Clearfield County, Pa.  There was a story about a man who got hit by a train walking home from work late one night.  Every year in Oct., on the annivsary of his death people would see the lantern moving up the train track to the point where he got hit, then the light would reappear at the bottom of the track and start over again.  Being teenagers and afraid of nothing we went down the train tracks to see what the light was. We thought someone was trying to scare us.  We were wro ng!  It was just a light, moving up the track very slowly all by itself.  We were all terrified but for some reason no one ran.  At the exact spot were the man got hit, the light dis appeared and reapeared at the bottom of the train tracks, moving toward us once again.  At that, we ran terrified from the spot.  Of course no one believed us, but this actually did happen.  

      • Nobody ever believes. Well, hardly ever.

        That is a creepy story! I believe! I think most people don’t until they’ve experienced something first hand. And I think I’ve actually heard about that story. I can’t remember who told me, but someone actually saw the lantern once and it freaked them out really bad.

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