My f*cking hair is falling out!

I thought I got rid of this issue when I had my brain surgery 5 1/2 months ago. In fact, the BACK is coming in thick and curly. (It looks like my mothers hair…)

Well…the rest isn’t coming in as anything.

I’ve always had thin hair. I take after my dad’s side of the family. My little granny had thing hair. Moms side…their hair is so thick it could clog all of Pittsburgh’s drains.

Fortunately I never had issues with it falling out. At least no more than one would expect.

Since my headaches came back 2 weeks ago it’s been coming out in clumps again. I was hoping nobody would notice. Well, Greg did. Or he at least noticed the increase of hair in the bottom of the tub. I swear I clean the drains. *sigh*

But that is besides the point. I got a shower a bit ago and as I washed my hair…out it came.

Who do you even go to see about hair falling out? It wouldn’t be a stylist would it? I’d feel like a complete idiot going to my doctor about my hair falling out.

And I’m not under anymore stress than usual. Same as usual. It’s really frustrating. I actually like my hair.

If things keep up how they are I’m going to need a wig by next year. :o( I’m going to pout.


6 thoughts on “My f*cking hair is falling out!

  1. A friend of mine had a lot of tension at work. Her hair started falling out in clumps. After the tension was over, her hair returned to normal. It was nerves causing her problem. You might need something to calm your nerves.

  2. Actually that combined with the headaches … those things returning are things you should see a doctor about. Probably nothing serious, but surely youll feel better with an explanation.

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