Stealing puppies and posting photos while holding a hostage…

So the crazies in Pittsburgh are at it again.

They are REALLY at it.

A few days ago I read an article about a little girl whose puppy went missing. Turns out the couple down the street took Bailey, the rottweiler puppy, and an older golden retriever mix when the two dogs wandered into their yard.

They were nice enough to return the older dog, but sold the puppy for $50 on Craigslist. The only reason they were caught was because their 5-year-old let it slip that “mommy gave the puppy to a woman from the internet.”

What kind of scum does that? Seriously? I hope they get some jail time for that.


Read that news story HERE


And then this morning I get a phone call from the man asking if I knew about the hostage situation going on. I’m thinking somewhere like New York, L.A or Chicago. No…it is in downtown Pittsburgh at the Gateway center.


Downtown Pittsburgh is maybe 5 miles away from my house. Cool beans. Right?

Um, no.

I’m even more determined to move now.

So back to the hostage situation. This guy went to the 16th floor of Gateway Center 1 (it was an investment firm) at 8:20 and started asking all sorts of questions. Next thing those people know the whack job pulls a gun and claims to have bombs. Police and SWAT are called and it’s STILL going on at 11:44.

Okay, if I’m going to hold a hostage or two, claim to have bombs, and be a total asshole the last thing I’m going to worry about is my social media. Not this clown. What does he do? Updates f*cking Facebook.

Really, dude? Do you have ANY idea how f*cked you are right now? SWAT is in the building. Bomb sniffing dogs are in the building. THE ENTIRE PITTSBURGH POLICE FORCE IS OUTSIDE AND IN THE BUILDING. I think updating your friends and family on a what big asshat you are is the last thing you should be doing. Honestly, right now you should be trying to figure out just how much jail time you’re getting and looking through the yellow pages for an awesome lawyer. Or hope that the public defender isn’t straight out of law school.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? I’m moving to the mountains with my family and not coming down until people stop being moronic assholes.


HEREis the most recent update.


5 thoughts on “Stealing puppies and posting photos while holding a hostage…

  1. You and I do not understand the actions of a lot of other people because we are decent, responsible citizens. People who commit such stupid acts don’t think anything of it because they have no respect for others, or themselves.

    • It makes me more and more anxious to move out of it and back to the suburbs. I know they aren’t 100% safe…but shit, at least I’ll be OUT of the city. *sigh* It’s a shame. I know Pittsburgh was never crime/murder free but I don’t think it has ever been this bad. The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

      • Like we have both said before, “What is happening to this city.” I can also add “What is happening to people?” Any more almost nothing suprizes me.

      • I’m still surprised at how horrible, stupid, and idiotic people are. It does make me feel smarter and like a freakin saint though.

        I wake up in “evil moods” all the time, but you don’t see me holding some guy hostage. I get upset but you don’t see me beating my kids or killing them. I want to go out all night and party, but I don’t because I’m a responsible human being with a family.

        I just don’t understand people’s logic when they do ridiculously stupid shit. I’ve heard so many news stories of moms/dads leaving their kids (I’m talking a few months to a few years old) home alone while going and getting married, going out drinking, or to the store. What makes them think that is okay? I mean Christ almighty my boys are 4 years old and aside from when I was in the hospital, they’ve never spent an entire night away from me. Maybe I’m just paranoid, or enjoy my kids, but I don’t get it.

        Sorry, my rant is over. lol

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