Never forget

11 year ago today America suffered one of the worst tragedies on our soil since the civil war.

Over 3,000 lives, not just American, were lost.

I was sitting in my French class trying not to be completely bored, waiting for the bell to ring so I could head off to English class down the hall. I was in 10th grade. It was actually a really nice day. But as the end of the class approached our French teacher did something she NEVER did. She turned on the T.V. We sat there and watched as tower 1 burned. Then to our horror we watched as a second plane slammed into tower 2.

At the time I lived in Rostraver. A small town about an hour or so south of Pittsburgh. It was 1 1/2 hours away from Somerset. The sight of Flight 93 going down. I believe I was in English or History when news came in about Flight 93 and the Pentagon.

Fortunately I didn’t have any loved ones who died or were directly involved.
But that was a day that affected the world. That was the day that terrorism really became real for a kid like me. That was a day I realized that even though we’re the U.S.A, we’re not invincible. We can be attacked as easily as anyone else. That was also the day my husband decided he was going to become a Marine.

<–That’s us at the ’07 Marine Corps Ball. I still have that gown…

It was a day that we, as Americans, stood together. We said no more. We would not tolerate another attack on our soil. Our president sent our troops in search of the man responsible for the heinous crime against the world. (Yes, an attack against the world on United States soil. The World Trade Center towers were buildings that had people from all over the world working in them.)

It took 9 years but Osama Bin Laden was found and brought to justice. The fight isn’t over though. It will never be over. There is always going to be someone out there willing do some crazy shit. But we have proven that we are not a country that lets something like that bring us down. It doesn’t drive us apart. It doesn’t make us fear the world. We pull together. We help out our neighbor. We pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and say, “Alright, mofo, you wanted us. You got us!”

My children are 4-years-old. They have no idea what happened 11 years ago. They will know of it, and I pray that they never have to experience something like that.

We will never forget.




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