Give me a break!!

I mean that literally and figuratively.
It is 20:28 on a Friday and I’m in bed.

It’s one of the few nights a week I go to bed super early because I get up at 04:00 on Saturday’s for the job.

It sucks. I feel so burned out. It’s not even from the job. It’s life, and life is hard. We went on vacation in June, but with the kids it didn’t feel like vacation. I had a good time. It was a blast going to Cedar Point, and I loved hanging out with my in-laws ( seriously, I have the most awesome mom and dad in-law), but the kids were still at that age of whineness. It definitely took its toll on everyone.

My fingers are crossed next year is better.

But now it has been the same ol’ grind. I think my issue is that Greg and I have not had a date night. We haven’t had the time. He works Monday- Friday. I work Saturday and Sunday. That puts a damper in us time. Lately after the kids go to bed we don’t spend time together either. I’m always writing, editing, rewriting, and he’s working on his web design business or catching up on video games.

I know our issues seem so petty, but I want a break. I want us time. I think I’m requesting off a Saturday next schedule for a date night…


One thought on “Give me a break!!

  1. For years, my wife and I worked different shifts. I saw her only on Sat. and Sun. evenings. Yes it sucked, but remember life will get better. It did for us. Now that we are retired we are together 24-7. It’s great.

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