What is happening to my city???

I  love Pittsburgh. I grew up in the suburbs, and now live just a few miles away from Downtown.

I never thought of Pittsburgh as a dangerous city. It’s Pittsburgh. I mean come on.

Well, that is starting to change.

Lately I’ve been seeing stories of peoples’ bodies being found in rivers, under bridges, or crazy women stealing babies.

I’d be naive to think that murder would never happen here. People who kill could live anywhere. It’s the AMOUNT that has me going OMG!

Then the attacks. Take today for instance, I just read about a bicyclist who was attacked on the SouthSide because the people in the car thought he cut them off. How did they attack him?

They SLASHED his throat from his ear to the front of his neck and left him for dead! Luckily for the cyclist they didn’t kill him. At least that’s what has been reported. The man was rushed to a UPMC hospital and had to undergo surgery to repair his throat.

Now I get as angry as anyone else when I’m cut off, BUT I don’t chase down the person and slash their throat. No, a normal and SANE person just honks their horn, maybe says a naughty word, and flips off the other person. When did it go from hurling insults at each other to trying to kill the other person?

I’m completely disgusted by these individuals behavior, and I hope that some arrests are made. And soon. These people tried to kill a man because of being cut off. I’ve tried to think of the reasoning behind the decision to kill someone for any reason. I could see if the person was trying to kill you. That’s self-defense. I could see if the person tried to/did kill your child. I’d just go insane with that one. But getting cut off on a street? Ummmm….no.

The Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl, says that Pittsburgh is safe. That there is no reason to worry. Seriously, mayor? This is safe? A 17-year-old is found dead under a bridge by his father. A man is found dead after a few weeks in front of a house in a town where people heard gunshots and did NOTHING, because, “Oh that’s normal.”

Why are we okay with hearing gunshots and thinking that’s normal? When did we stop caring about our fellow-man? Maybe it’s my suburb thinking. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up somewhere where it was normal to hear gunshots in the middle of the night. Maybe it’s because I’m a decent human being that still gives two shits about my fellow person. I don’t know, but I don’t know how we’ve just become okay with how society is.

Okay, my rant is done for today. I just hope and pray that bicyclist is okay, and the carload of assholes is caught and arrested.


You can read the news story HERE


6 thoughts on “What is happening to my city???

  1. Last January a Pittsburgh TV station said there were 39 murders in the city in 2011. Come on, if they had said 39 per month I would have believed it. We go to Pittsburgh shopping at times, but only in the daytime and we have to stay more and more alert of our surroundings.

    • Oh I’m sure it’s over 39 by now. There is someone in my neighborhood who goes out at night with a large knife to slash tires. Why would someone be walking around with a knife? I just don’t get the point to being so violent. It’s one of the main reasons I want to move so bad. This are keeps getting worse and worse. I want to live back out in bum fucked Egypt.

    • It’s just so insane what’s happening. I know Pittsburgh was never perfect. I remember years ago when I was a bartender in a nightclub some chick attacked one of our cocktail servers with a beer bottle because it was last call, but to SLASH someones throat for cutting you off? Seriously it’s just getting insane.

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