Pittsburgh has been a hot mess lately. We’ve got moms blaming car owners for her kid being a thief, we have old folks being beaten, and now we had someone steal a baby from our “baby” hospital.

GO HERE!!! and read the news story. Seriously, go read it! Especially if you live in Pittsburgh.

According to scanner traffic, the woman was described as black, in her 20s, about 5 feet 4 inches and 180 pounds, wearing pink shoes and black hospital-style scrubs, with her hair in a ponytail.

The infant is a 3-day-old black boy.

You may be thinking to yourself, how does someone off the street get UPMC scrubs, easy, you go into one of the stores that supplies us with our uniforms and you buy them. Now, the sales associates are SUPPOSED to ask the employee for their ID badge before selling the uniforms. I thought it was a ridiculous thing, until now.
If you live in the Pittsburgh area, PLEASE read that story. If you see the woman who matches the description or the baby PLEASE call the police!!!
UPDATE! 15:50
According to Dave Bondy, a reporter for WPXI, a woman in Wilkinsburg HAS been taken out of a home in handcuffs. No sign of the baby though.
The woman had bought a black scrub top embroidered with UPMC at a shop on Forbes avenue…a few short blocks from Magee.
UPDATE!! 16:50

Suspect is described as a black female, approximately 180 lbs, wearing blue medical scrubs and pink tennis shoes and a pony tail. Suspect kidnapped the child at approximately 1430 hrs on 23 August 2012.



The ordeal is over. The baby has been found alive, and the woman who abducted him is in custody.

You can read the update HERE



Well, crazy pants is in custody. AND WOW is she a crazy pants!!

You can see video of her talking to reporters HERE.

She told folks on her Facebook that she was pregnant. Obviously she wasn’t.

My biggest thing…why was a newborn left alone long enough to be taken? If the woman’s ENTIRE family was there…why wasn’t someone with that baby? I had my twins at Magee, on the day of discharge neither of my boys was out of my sight…at all. Even when they were circumcised they were within eye shot. If a nurse was taking one of them, I either went with them or made sure I knew EXACTLY where they were and saw ID Badges. There is no excuse why this family would just let a “nurse” leave with a new born and not check ID. Especially if this wasn’t the first child. I can’t blame Magee 100%.

I know it seems harsh to place some of the blame on the PARENT, but come on now folks. Really? I know everyone is thinking it, but nobody wants to say it.

I am happy the baby was returned safe and sound, and it’s awesome that crazy pants is in jail, hopefully she doesn’t get off on some half-cocked insanity plea, but again, this is NOT all Magee’s fault. The only thing I think of as blame for them was the two nurses not doing more when they noticed the kidnapper loitering in the halls.

That’s it for this crazy Pittsburgh thing.

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