Does your 14-year-old steal cars? BLAME THE CAR OWNER!!

I read about this story this morning. I had to read it twice because the “mother” in this story was so ridiculous.

She’s what’s wrong with parenting today.

Kids aren’t held responsible for what they do. This woman and her son are prime examples.

This 14-year-old kid decided to steal someones car (grand larceny…), and go for a joy ride. Then when police tried pulling him over, he led them on a high-speed chase that ended in an accident. The kid was ejected from the vehicle (which he totaled), is now in a coma, lying in a hospital.

The mother first blamed the car owner. The car owner left their keys in the vehicle. Okay, would I do that? No, but ya know…shit happens. You forget to grab them. You’re just running in the house to grab something you forgot, and are leaving again. I’ve done that in the past. In fact, (before being married, and kids) I’ve left my car idling in front of my house because I forgot my purse/phone/wallet/something I needed. Is it the car owners fault this womans son decided it was okay to steal his/her vehicle? Absolutely NOT. It’s not he owners fault this kid is an irresponsible, thief.

Then she blamed someone else. Before wrecking the vehicle this kid side-swiped a vehicle. The owner of that vehicle’s girlfriend called the police. It’s their fault there was an accident because they “scared” the kid into running from the police.

There is just all kinds of wrong with this “mother”. I can’t even call her a mother without the quotes. She’s a mother in the sense of giving birth. HOW DO YOU BLAME EVERYONE ELSE? This was COMPLETELY, 100% HER SONS FAULT! Nobody else. Her son stole someone else’s car. Her son ran from the place. Her son caused the accident, and wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Everything is his fault. Nobody else.

If my boys would steal a car, wreck it, and end up in a coma…as much as I love them, I would put all the blame on them. It would be their fault.

HE STOLE A CAR! He’s 14. He can’t even legally get a license, so her excuse of “Maybe he wanted to go farther than he felt like walking” is completely moot. He had no business being behind the wheel of ANY vehicle.

You can read the story HERE.

I lose more and more hope for the future as each day passes. Kids aren’t held responsible for their actions. Parents who do punish their children have CPS, CYS, DFS, and every other agency called on them for “child abuse”. (Spanking is not child abuse. It’s not detrimental to a child’s development. It doesn’t stunt growth or whatever other excuse people give. I was spanked as a kid. I turned out a-okay. Maybe a little weird, but I blame genes for that.)

This woman needs a serious wake up call. If she plans on that being her sons defense when he stands trial (State police have said that he WILL be charged for everything he’s done), I hope he tells her to STFU. Otherwise…I hope he enjoys prison.

This world…I just don’t know what to think. All I can do, all that I do, is shake my head at stupidity, and wonder how it’s possible that these people reproduce.


4 thoughts on “Does your 14-year-old steal cars? BLAME THE CAR OWNER!!

  1. i did bad things as a kid.. and i got spanked by a switch i had to pick off the tree. and you know what…it worked!!!! i didnt do it again .. therefore i didnt do anything that i thought would get me into trouble ., yes, that tree had no branches on it by the time i was 10. and by that time , i knew what was wrong from right. if i didnt get that discipline, there is no telling where i would ended up. now days, my mom would be put behind bars, and i would of been brought up in a foster home, just for discipline. a good mother has a child that respects her ( im saying mother because it is relative of this article) and loves her at the same time.

  2. Yeah, some people are unbelievable. I really fear for this next generation. They’ve been able to do whatever the hell they want, whenever the hell they want, with absolutely no responsibility or accountability. They will never make it in the real world with a job and a boss who expects them to actually do their work and do it on time … though I’m sure not a few of them will never even get that far. It’s really depressing.

    • I don’t see them making it through college.
      I’m guilty of coddling the boys from time to time, but you know…they know right from wrong, and they know if they do something wrong they have to face the consequences. My 4-year-olds are more ready for the real world than some adults are.
      Parents don’t want to parent. They want to be friends with their kids. But we’re not their friends. We’re the parents. We’re the ones who raise them to be decent human beings, but anymore…most kids are just ungrateful, disrespectful little hooligans. I don’t remember being that bad or nasty as a kid.

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