Feeling so…meh

It’s only been 6 days since I published The Last Grimm, but I feel so blah about it. The hype, and excitement have died down.

Granted with my promotional day I did, my book was downloaded about 30 times. So 30 people are reading/have read it. I have one reviewer respond positively, and want to review the book, and I have a printed proof on its way here. As long as there are no issues, within a week print editions will be available on Amazon, Amazon Europe, and Smashwords.

So it’s exciting. I should be happy. I should be thrilled.

But I’m not. I just can’t seem to reach more people. I’m using social media; I’m reaching out to newspapers, magazines, and reviewers; I’m doing free days…I know the biggest problem is the fact that I’m going at this alone. It’s stressful. Those who’ve been self-publishing for years, I don’t know how they did it before the internet. I really don’t.

I’ve still got a few ideas brewing, but I’m not sure how well they’ll do. I can only hope that the reviewer will like my book, and hopefully one of the newspapers will have such a slow news week they’ll opt to do a story about my book.

I know, I’m throwing myself a premature pity party, and instead of worrying about my sales after one week I should be more focused on writing the next book. (I am on chapter six…so not doing terribly.) I do plan to have it ready and out shortly after the beginning of the new year.

I think a small part of me really did hope/want/wish that I’d be this huge phenomena after a few days. Which is a completely absurd thought. Who could be a huge phenomena after only a week??? At least what self-pubbed author with absolutely no name?

I’m going to quit whining now, and stare at my tracking number for the proof book so I can approve it asap. I can only hope having physical books available will make more people interested.

So, off I go to write some more. Or maybe stare at my notebook. I’ll be doing one of those.


2 thoughts on “Feeling so…meh

  1. I would say the Valley would probably do a feature … but then I realized that people from the Valley prob aren’t likely to read, so yeah.

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